Amazon’s Yearly Departed Review: Female Comics Bid Adieu To A Seemingly Never-Ending 2020

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Yearly Departed premiered on 30th December 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. It is directed by Linda Mendoza and produced by Rachel Brosnahan, Paige Simpson, Bess Kalb, David Jammy, Katy Mullan, Nathalie Love, and Samantha Ressler. The 44-minutes-long episode is hosted by Phoebe Robinson and stars Rachel Brosnahan, Tiffany Haddish, Patti Harrison, Natasha Leggero, Sarah Silverman, Natasha Rothwell, and Ziwe.

Goodbye, 2020!

“2020, you were a big old dick and we are here to tell you to rest in peace even though you destroyed every little ounce of ours.” -Phoebe Robinson.

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2020 undoubtedly has been a bad year. Mass unemployment, wildfires, nation-wide protests, pandemic, and more. The special bids adieu to 2020 with a funeral where comedians talk about what we’ve lost this year ranging from casual sex, TV cops, wearing pants, rich influencer, beige bandage, and more. The year was bad.

Each and every performer here talk about something new and unrelated to the previous performer to related and relatable to the year overall. Some are even unique about which you might not have even thought. The comedy special strikes a balance between talking about political, social, and socio-cultural problems that have ravaged the world and also lament on pettier struggles that sound highly relatable.

Yearly Departed
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In 44-minutes, the series provides a good base and set of jokes for the viewers which are realistic, hard-hitting, and yet light-hearted. The special was shot under the Covid-protocols, that means that there were limited people. As the episode ends we see that not everyone was on set as it seemed, people shot their sets and reaction separately and were united by technology and VFX. Despite these restrictions, the moments here don’t come off as made-up or canned but are rather dear and fulfilling. Evidently, the creators of Yearly Departed did their utmost to establish an atmosphere of spontaneity throughout the episode.

Basically, Yearly Departed takes every bad memory that the year gave us and burns it down with humour, just like you might have done for a bad ex. As Robinson said that it seemed as if 2020 was 54 months old and I cannot deny it. For a generation that is used to socializing (mostly), the year came as a big change and this special accounts for it mostly and definitely in an engaging and chucklesome manner.

Stream It or Skip It

  • Yearly Departed
  • Yearly Departed
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STREAM IT! Yearly Departed despite, its small drawback due to VFX and restrictions, is appreciable and good. The show won’t have you rolling on the floor laughing and neither does it intend to do that but it is rather sweet, honest, and chucklesome. The show ends with a beautiful and melodious performance by Christina Aguilera titled I Will Remember You. It’s a good deal to end the year with.

Yearly Departed is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Yearly Departed bid's adieu to 2020, a year that felt 54 months long in a chucklesome and light manner!

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