Amazon’s Well Done Baby Review: A Child in the Middle of a Problematic Marriage

Well Done Baby is a Marathi movie streaming on Amazon Prime Video stars Pushkar Jog and Amruta Khanvilkar in the lead roles. The film is directed by Priyanka Tanwar and written by Marmabandhaa Gavhane.

The story revolves around a couple, Aditya (Pushkar Jog) and Meera (Amruta Khanvilkar), who are facing marital problems for quite some time and have been seeing a counsellor.

The film opens with a scene where Aditya and Meera are sitting with their doctor along with Aditya’s mother-in-law. Then a series of events take place, and in the meantime, Meera (Amruta) finds out she is pregnant.

Well Done Baby
Amazon's Well Done Baby Review: A Child in the Middle of a Problematic Marriage 3

The movie is set on London’s backdrop with beautiful visuals but with the same old story – unwanted pregnancy and whether to keep it or not. Slowly and steadily, the film unfolds various layers of emotions through the characters. Will this baby solve their marital problems, or will it increase the distance between them?

Well, if a woman wants to abort, she is shameless, ill-cultured, and if she keeps the baby, she has to go through everything alone during the whole pregnancy phase and after. It’s a dilemma, and that’s what Well Done Baby wants to portray via Meera’s character representation. While the father of the baby and the husband tries a lot, somewhere, his ego comes in between making a big fuss out of it. Pushkar did a great job depicting Aditya’s role.

Aditya is a psychiatrist, and Meera is a scientist who works in her lab. And you may find the movie a bit dramatised and exaggerated, but it has a beautiful message in it about unwanted pregnancy and problematic marriages. The film has two-three melodious songs, but it might get slip through your mind.

This movie is directed by Priyanka Tanwar and written by Marmabandhaa Gavhane with additional screenplay writer Akshay Valsangkar. It is produced by Pushkar Jog and Mohaan Nadaar, line produced by Faraz Ahsan and Parag Sankhe, and executive produced by Vaishali Karanjkar. Rohan Roy did the music of this film and Santonio Terzio and Mohsin Khan Pathan took care of the cinematography, which could have been better.

Well Done Baby
Amazon's Well Done Baby Review: A Child in the Middle of a Problematic Marriage 4

Well Done Baby: What made me sit throughout the film?

Well, honestly, the emotional rush and no doubt the acting prowess that these two actors hold. Even though it’s an unknown language for me, their emotions made me understand what they wanted to say, and well, the subtitles helped me a bit! How Meera went through her pregnancy phase and how Aditya was reacting to every situation; it was like I was a part of their family.

But is everything so perfect? No. What didn’t click with me is the editing. Even though it is a 99-minute film, it felt like it’s taking too much time to wrap up. The editing is not nicely done. And the locations could have been chosen better. The film is about to release in theatres, and I feel it’s better for OTT. It’s good for a one-time watch though.

Well Done Baby is streaming on Amazon Prime now.

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Well Done Baby is about a couple who is facing problematic marriage only to find out that they are pregnant.

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