Amazon’s The Lie Review: Insensitive And Painful is All

The Lie premiered on 2nd October 2020 on Amazon Prime Video and is a remake of the 2015 German film We Monsters. Written and directed by Veena Sud, the film stars Mireille Enos, Peter Sarsgaard, and Joey King alongside other cast members.

 A Lethal Mistake

“She was being a bitch so I pushed her and she fell” – Kayla

The Lie narrates the story of Kayla (Joey King), a 15-years-old girl who suffers from breathing issues and has divorced parents Jay (Peter Sarsgaard) and Rebecca (Mireille Enos). Things are still survivable in this broken family but it all takes an ugly turn when Kayla pushes her best friend Brittany (Devery Jacobs) into a stream of cold, freezing water and her body is nowhere to be found. Being parents, Jay and Rebecca decide to cover for their beloved daughter Kayla, painting an image of the abusive childhood in which Brittany lived in and say that his father’s aggression caused his daughter’s disappearance. But something doesn’t fit.

The Lie/ Amazon Prime Video/ Review

The movie starts on a high note – a girl killing her best friend out of rage and malice and then hiding, avoiding everyone! But as the story progresses, you’ll see things growing more predictable and weird. Carrying a simple idea, the film in an overall view is not worth your 97 minutes.

There is a continuing disconnect from the main characters, especially Kayla, so much so that you don’t feel any pity for her. Rather, you want to knock some sense into this brat for being arrogant and ignorant. Although Kayla fails to gain any sympathy, you can’t help but feel the misery of her parents Jay and Rebecca who want to save their daughter at all costs and are ready to go to any extend for it.

The Lies aims at being a twisted psychological thriller but the end, especially, makes it unsatisfactory and futile with no strong or underlying message to deliver whatsoever.

The End…

The Lie/ Amazon Prime Video/ Review

[Spoiler] The Lie ends with Brittany returning home, after exerting copious amounts of mental and physical stress on Kayla’s parents for a crime that never took place. Turns out, Brittany just wanted to hang out with her boyfriend for a few days and thus deemed it okay to fake her best friend murdering her. Kayla too, apparently, thought this was a great plan because the resulting situation might bring her family together. [/Spoiler]

The ending of The Lie is so unsatisfactory, indignant and infuriating that you will hate Kayla and Brittany who turn out to be ignorant, vapid and just a-holes. The whole idea of making your parents go through mental and physical exhaustion and a never-ending fear for your own personal interest, no matter how important you think your intention is, is not cool or acceptable in any shape or form.

Even with an ending that is no less than annoying and empty-headed, there is no message to it – no commentary on human nature, no family drama message or anything, and the least of all, it doesn’t even question morality or ethics. It’s just an utter waste of time and resources with a story about an ignorant and privileged girl who agonizes her own parents in hope for them to unite. I mean, really?

Stream It or Skip It

The Lie/ Amazon Prime Video/ Review

SKIP IT! Save yourself some time, energy and rage by skipping The Lie. The film features an amazing cast but the storyline is a big-time fail and disappointment. The film fails to prove a point or behold any meaning and if you have to search for meaning with a microscope in a movie with everything haywire, they probably did it wrong as well as in an unconvincing manner.

The Lie is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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'The Lie' revolves around Jay and Rebecca's daughter Kayla who seems to have committed a lethal crime that needs to be dealt with! Stream It or Skip It? Read Here!

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