Amazon’s The Last Hour Review: A Slowburn Series With Jhakri and Spirit Connection

The Last Hour premiered on 14th May 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. The 8 episode long series is directed by Amit Kumar, starring Sanjay Kapoor, Raima Sen, Karma Takapa, Shaylee Krishen, Shahana Goswami, Lanuakum Ao, and Robin Tamang alongside other cast members

Afterlife and Time

One thing that I can assure you is that whenever a series tries to play a lot with its central theme and tries to unnecessarily add complexity to the entire theme, things fall down more often than not. And it is a similar case with The Last Hour; everything about the series is well-placed i.e, the cast is talented, the location is exquisite but the series still fails to come across as something that’ll keep you hooked for 8-episodes and that is mainly, because of the storyline that has very less high points.

The Last Hour mainly revolves around Dev, a member of the Jhakri community who has a mystical ability – he can talk to spirits soon after they die and lead them to the afterlife. It’s a gift he inherited from his mother, the Mother Supreme of Shamans, who alarms him about the evil Yama Nadu, who is after Dev’s power i.e., retracing a person’s final moment and reconstructing it to find the missing parts. It is here that a police officer named Arup, who is newly transferred from Mumbai, enters the scene.

Arup uses Dev to help him solve cases across town as Dev can talk to the spirit and tell him what happened exactly to the now deceased. This is weird because Arup literally boasts about how many cases he has solved in Mumbai but here he seeks helps for everything. With all this, there is also a budding love story between Dev and Pari (Arup’s daughter) which lacks soul, intimacy, and depth. Additionally, Pari here keeps on hearing a voice that often abuses her, forcing her to either die or do something wrong but they never find the meaning of that in the series.

The Last Hour

The Last Hour has an intriguing concept but it fails to execute it the way the makers might have visioned it. The Last Hour poses an important issue by revisiting past events in order to alter the future. But by the time that happens, so much time has passed, and the loopholes have not been filled that by the end of the 8th episode you just sit disappointed staring at your screen. The expository, sometimes clunky, dialogue is another factor that detracts from the series. Throughout the eight episodes, we hear characters discuss and lowkey explain what is going on, which immediately makes it mundane and dampens the suspense.

The series ends on a cliffhanger pointing towards the possibility of another season. Hopefully, the makers that time around will add more clarity and depth to their characters and storyline because at this point, the series feels like it is a compilation of events rather than being a flowing storyline. The actors here are good, they do the best out of their roles but you wish there was more conviction and emotions here. The Last Hour plays well with its genre but it just needs to be a little bit more refined.

Stream It or Skip It

The Last Hour

SKIP IT! As for its season 1, The Last Hour is skip-worthy but if the series improves and does more work for season 2 then you can definitely binge-watch both the seasons together. For right now though, there is not much about the series that’ll keep you hooked or waiting for the next season.

The Last Hours is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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The Last Hour brings forth an interesting concept but fails to intrigue or excite viewers with its execution!

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