Amazon’s The Boy From Medellin Review: Tender Look at Balvin

The Boy from Medellin is a documentary movie directed by Matthew Heineman and follows J Balvinjust before his 2019 concert in Colombia.

The Boy from Medellin follows international musical sensation J Balvin right before his 2019 homecoming concert in Colombia. He is one of the biggest stars when it comes to reggaeton and is often known as the Prince of Reggaeton as well as one of the biggest Latin musical artists.

The movie follows every move of the star and gives a look into his anxieties, hardships and thoughts and all that goes into a big concert. The in-depth look is great to watch since Balvin proves to be quite a humble person behind the glitz and glam.

However, concert aside, there are other threats that loom big behind all this. During Balvin’s concert in 2019, the streets of Colombia were bursting under the pressure of public protest against President Duque. People pressurise him to speak up against the injustices done to them and Balvin is hesitant to do so. The reasons are manifold, most of them stemming from his anxiety and depression.

In many ways, The Boy from Medellin is very candid and honest about Balvin’s struggles with mental health. It is this mental health that plays a significant role in his decisions and also something that is most interesting to watch in the movie. Beyond the swanky cars, houses and gadgets, Balvin’s need to be adored by his fans is apparent and he is scared of taking a stand in this political climate lest he upset them.

However, as we all know, not taking a political stand is a stand in and of itself.

Anyway, Balvin discusses his day-to-day problems and how his mental health affects his life. He’s surprisingly open about the subject and this gives The Boy from Medellin a very tender and heart-warming angle. Other than that, we watch what is usually portrayed in documentaries like these – how rich they are and what they mostly do.

In spite of saying all this though, The Boy from Medellin does not go too deep into the star or his more controversial ways. I am not saying that there has to be something there, but it still seems like the movie portrays whatever it’s portraying in a very calculated and planned out way. Even in his “worst” moments, Balvin is portrayed to be a great guy. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is difficult for me to believe that a person can be this perfect.

Nevertheless, The Boy from Medellin is a good watch. It’s entertaining, features some great music and looks absolutely stunning. The cinematography is stuff that needs to be thoroughly enjoyed here; you can very much realise that the production value is quite high.

Summing up: The Boy from Medellin

The Boy from Medellin

The Boy from Medellin is a tender and heartwarming watch most of the time. Balvin is portrayed as a great guy who always takes pictures with his fans and mostly does what is right. I don’t know how correct that is, but whatever be the case, it’s still a good watch nonetheless.

The Boy from Medellin is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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The Boy from Medellin is a sweet and mostly candid look at the life of singer J Balvin right before his 2019 concert in Colombia.
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