Amazon’s The Wilds Review: Now This Is How An Engaging Angst Teen Survival Drama Is Made!

The Wilds premiered on 11th December 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. Created by Sarah Streicher, the 10-episode-long series stars Rachel Griffiths, Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Sarah Pidgeon, Erana James, Helena Howard, Reign Edwards, Mia Healey, and Jenna Clause alongside other cast members.

Surviving Is Hard

“What was so fucking great about the lives we left behind?”

Surviving is hard. But what would you do if your summer trip to Hawaii turned into a lost nightmare into a far-off stranded island with people you don’t know, resources depleting, health deteriorating, and fear rising? If you are like me, who would rather watch survival videos on YouTube about situations that may or may not occur, The Wilds is the perfect match for you.

The Wilds revolves around the lives of 8 girls – Fatin, Dot, Leah, Toni, Martha, Nora, Rachel, and Shelby who survive a plane crash and end up on an island with nothing to be seen even from the highest spot other than the blue, blank ocean. The series tells their story of around 3-weeks of surviving, fighting, growing affection, and mental chaos these girls face while the story pendulums back and forth in time as the FBI tries to pave their way through the entire incident from their stories and experiences.

The Wilds

When I started watching this series, my expectations were not so high as a group of girls stranded on a remote island calls for some sloppy teen drama but to my surprise, The Wilds is one of the best series I’ve seen this year. There are almost 9 main characters here and each and every one of them has a character arc and reason so well defined, the series is nearly flawless! Streicher does a wholesome and fine job of making the characters here distinct, dealing with all of their own issues that we may not necessarily know completely about until we get to see their stories as they narrate them. Everyone has an individual voice and takeaway here!

The issues presented here might be typical in certain areas but when you see these characters going through it, they just don’t feel like small or maybe petty teen issues. The characters and the screenplay are carved with finesse. The cast here is capable of giving these girls more dimensions and depth than the usual angsty teen stereotypes and that is where this series wins. Coming down to the driving twists in The Wilds, they are wild too! The series might seem predictable at moments but it isn’t. It is possible for one to think that they have caught the nerve of the series but no! It flips.

“Being a teenage girl in normal-ass America — that was the real living hell.”

The Wilds
Amazon's The Wilds Review: Now This Is How An Engaging Angst Teen Survival Drama Is Made! 4

The eight girls represent a wide band of cultures and experiences, all united by the fact that they’re struggling beneath the surface, pulled down by their own self. Leah (Sarah Pidgeon) has some dark secrets lurking in her broken heart and a book. Seemingly fake and high-end Fatin’s (Sophia Ali) family is about to explode as his father is a cheater. Rachel (Reign Edwards) dreams of gold medals as an Olympic diver despite the emotional and physical costs and is scared and hurt. Dot (Shannon Berry), the toughest of the group, has pain as the undertone to her life. Shelby (Mia Healey) is burdened by her religious belief and sexuality conflicts.

Nora (Helena Howards) Rachel’s younger sister has more to her life than just taking care of her sister. She is hurt and broken somewhere deep. Toni (Erana James) is a tempered lesbian who has lost enough and her best friend Martha (Jenna Clause) is a victim but sweet-heart who’ll end up broken!

Summing up, The Wilds is one of those series that’ll keep you intrigued till the very end. With teen girls as its focal point, the series has a lot of depth and reality to it than you might expect!

Stream It or Skip It

The Wilds
Amazon's The Wilds Review: Now This Is How An Engaging Angst Teen Survival Drama Is Made! 5

STREAM IT! The Wilds is one amazing series that you just don’t want to miss. It makes it clear that there is a lot more going on than you know and you won’t want to leave! With 10 episodes of around 50 minutes each, the series is a hit and one hell of a ride. With it ending on a cliffhanger, I dearly hope that the makers decide to go on with a second season because this series needs it. We need to know how it ends and there is a lot to uncover.

Lastly, what if the girls are not stranded after all?

The Wilds is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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The Wilds is one of THE BEST SERIES of 2020! With 10-episodes, the series brings forth a surprising amount of intrigue and depth! Stream it or Skip It? Read here

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