Amazon Prime’s The Voyeurs Review: Might Make You Dreadful After Watching It

Amazon Prime has released a new film, The Voyeurs, which casts the fabulous Sydney Sweeney, Ben Hardy, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Justice Smith and many more talented actors. The movie is quite like Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, especially from the first glance at the neighbour’s window. As the name suggests, voyeurism is the main concept and that is what we do get.

The Voyeurs review contains mild spoilers –

The Voyeurs follows the story of this couple Pippa and Thomas, who move into a new apartment. This couple is in their 20s and has just bought a huge apartment in a European city. Though mostly anything can happen in a film, a question of how does one afford unbelievably expensive things in movies often runs in some peoples minds. That is exactly what happens in The Voyeurs.

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Voyeurism is a really interesting topic to make a film on. Rear Window has become an exemplary example for the genre. However, this film misses the mark. Pippa and Thomas are a set of exciting couples who are somehow energetic and creepily curious. From the first scene of them buying the apartment to the end, they remain as enthusiastic as before. This comes off as exhausting to watch at times.

The Voyeurs Pippa and Thomas
Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith star in The Voyeurs

As the story of The Voyeurs moves forward, we get to know that Pippa and Thomas are intrigued by their neighbours and start to stalk them. Pippa soon realises that she gets off from spying and Thomas, somehow has spying skills, which he uses to eavesdrop on his neighbours. It is like these two were meant to be.

It is clear that neither of the main characters has a moral compass as their spying activities keeps on getting stronger and stranger. At times, you will cringe or feel straight-up angry at what is happening in The Voyeurs. On top of that, Pippa’s sexual adventures will remind you of Sydney Sweeney in Euphoria. Everything happening in the film is too convenient to be true. The only thing truly interesting about The Voyeurs is that it is a bilingual film. The characters talk in English and French.

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The Voyeurs: Worth the Watch?

While Pippa and Thomas are understandably weird, what is more, annoying are the neighbours, Seb and Margot. The guy is cheating on his wife who is clueless about what is happening. As said before, Pippa and Thomas’s spying habit becomes too much. It also starts to affect their relationship. However, no one ever questions their actions. The Voyeurs has an unrealistic story woven together only for entertainment purposes.

The Voyeurs Pippa scene

Unlike Pippa’s intentions, most things are not clearly established. Even as viewers, we can face confusion in interpreting why Thomas keeps humouring Pippa. This is another thing about The Voyeurs that is icky. Even if it is not the intention of the director, Michael Mohan, Thomas and Seb at times participate in misogynistic activities, even if it is subtle. Moreover, on the lines of not establishing things properly, Seb and Margot’s relationship can be added to the list.

In the end, The Voyeurs is a Gen-Z version of a spying-on-your-neighbours movie. It has its ups but mostly downs. All the spying activities will make you angry and question why is okay for the characters to do that. You will be focused on feeling agitated that you will forget how boring the story is. If you are in a mood and in a mental space to watching something provoking then The Voyeurs is a good option for you. Other than that, we suggest you skip this movie.

You can watch The Voyeurs on Amazon Prime Video.

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Amazon Prime's The Voyeurs is a film on couples who spy on their neighbours with the use of fancy spying tools.

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Amazon Prime’s The Voyeurs Review: Might Make You Dreadful After Watching ItAmazon Prime's The Voyeurs is a film on couples who spy on their neighbours with the use of fancy spying tools.