Amazon Prime’s Market Down Hai Review: Gaurav Gupta Says It Like It Is

There’s something about watching post-COVID live shows that totally break your heart and make you happy at the same time. It’s a weird combination of emotions, but Market Down Hai, Gaurav Gupta’s stand-up comedy show in front of a live audience, does everything it can to make this a very interesting watch.

The show, only 50 minutes long, takes place in front of a live audience and has everyone laughing out loud. It’s heartening to watch so many people gathered in one place. Obviously, everyone is wearing a mask, but it’s a reminder of what life was some time back. A time when complete strangers could share an experience together and become one instead of being afraid and tucked away at home. I couldn’t help but wish for something similar and to live my life without the fear of dying or killing anyone else.

Anyway, I digress. Morose thoughts aside, Market Down Hai has Gupta showcasing his funny talents in front of a group of people. He talks about a bunch of different topics, but it’s mostly centring around his community and their relationship with others, especially the Punjabis. It’s funny and hilarious and Gaurav Gupta does not shy away from blasting people and their habits and calling them out.

Market Down Hai

Of course, it’s all in fun and there are no hard feelings. But the topics he chose to portray are so relatable for someone who does not belong to his community. This makes me think that these are all Indian problems in general. Every community and religion has their own quirks and habits and somewhere, all of these things come together and are shared.

I won’t spoil anything in the Market Down Hai review, so don’t expect me to give away any of the punchlines. But whatever be the case, the comedy special has a lot of things going for it. Gupta is very easy-going and that’s a blessing for the audience. He doesn’t have any superior air about him, neither does he think of himself to be something he is not. He’s just a common man talking about common problems and things that he has noticed.

Market Down Hai also has a lot of audience interactions. Gupta seems to have a keen interest in one member of the audience and keeps mentioning him in all of his punchlines. You feel bad for the guy, but hey, it’s all in humour. At one point, the comedian tells us to imagine what would happen if he were able to woo another female member of the audience who is a Punjabi. The results are hilarious.

Summing up: Market Down Hai

Market Down Hai

Market Down Hai has Gaurav Gupta talking about the quirks of his community and leaves no stones unturned to tell us what his thoughts are on the matter! After a while, you realise that these are the quirks of the collective nation, where moms throw a fit for the smallest of things and the family worships Goddess Lakshmi with too much fervour. His energy is infectious and you’ll surely have a good time watching this.

Market Down Hai is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Market Down Hai has Gaurav Gupta talking about the quirks of his community and leaves no stones unturned to tell us what his thoughts are on the matter!
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