Amazon Prime’s Malik: 3 Reasons to Watch Fahadh Faasil Starrer

Amazon Prime Video has a new release today – Fahadh Faasil’s Malik. The Malayalam crime thriller is yet another intriguing release by the actor in 2021. Mahesh Narayanan has written the story and directed the film, which Anto Josep has produced.

Malik star cast includes Nimisha Sajayan, Vikay Forrt, Jalaja, Salim Kumar, Joju George, Dileesh Pothan and Indrans. The duration of the crime-political drama is 2 hours 41 minutes and has subtitles in English.

If we talk about the Malik review, a lot of critics have praised the film. If you are wondering whether to watch or skip the movie, do not worry. We will give you three reasons why Fahadh Faasil’s new movie on Amazon Prime is a must-watch.

Three reasons to watch Fahadh Faasil’s Malik on Amazon Prime:

The story

Amazon Prime’s Malik has everything – politics, crime, darkness and corruption. Mahesh Narayanan has written a solid script highlighting land acquisition issues and false hope given to the common people by the politicians and leaders. A lot of terrible leaders in the world have played politics by dividing people, mainly by religion. We also see that being highlighted in the film. It’s a daring cinema that needs to be watched by everyone.

Fahadh Faasil's Malik still
Amazon Prime’s Malik movie

Direction, Cinematography and Music

Mahesh Narayanan’s direction and Sanu Varghese’s cinematography together has exceptionally woven this engaging tale. Not even once did they try to dramatise or romanticise the underprivileged and the sufferings of people Malik movie. They’ve done an incredible job of creating an impact with those scenes, along with some twisted arcs. The camera work in the opening scene of 15 minutes will make you say Whoa! All of this perfectly blends with Sushin Shyam music creating a hard-hitting impact.

Fahadh Faasil and the star cast

Malik is Faasil’s fourth release after Pushpa, Irul and Joji. He has set the bar so high for himself that he breaks his past record of giving a phenomenal performance with every film. In his latest Amazon Prime movie, his bearded, Godfather-like personality wins you over. But the supporting cast also does a commendable job. One of the film’s strengths is its casting, and everyone delivers.

Malik movie still
Fahadh Faasil in Malik

About being a part of the film, the actor told Indian Express, “Violence is just a bit of the story. The film is more about love, friendship and celebration. There are a lot of elements in the narrative. The film talks about the 30 years of a community’s history. It is packed with a lot of human emotions. I believe it is the kind of film that will have repeated viewings.”

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Just like critics, movie lovers took to their Twitter pages to share Malik reviews. One person wrote, “Actor Fahadh Faasil is mind-blowingly superb. Acting interestingly intnee gazab ki pata hai lagta Subtitles k sath movie dekh raha hu. Best cinematic experience, hats off. #Malik #joji

Another viewer tweeted, “#Malik outstanding FahadhFaasil terrific performance Cinematography, bgm top notch.” A user wrote, “#Malik is dark and disturbing, predictable but gripping. #FahadhFaasil gives another power-packed performance. His eyes, oh his expressive eyes! The wait was worth it.”

Have you watched the film yet? In the comments section below, do let us know your Malik review.

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