Amazon Prime’s LOL Enga Siri Paappom Review: Dare Not To Laugh

LOL Enga Siri Paappom, a Tamil reality comedy series, is now out on Amazon Prime Video. The late actor-comedian Vivek host the comedy show along with talented actor Mirchi Shiva. The comedians featured in the series are Abishek, Baggy, Harathi, Maya S, Powerstar Srinivasan, Premgi, Pugazh, Sathish, Syama Harini, RJ Vignesh. There are a total of six episodes of 25-30 minutes.

The synopsis for Amazon Prime India’s LOL – Enga Siri Paappom series reads – Hosted by legendary comedian Vivek and popular actor Mirchi Shiva, 10 Tamil comedians pull out all the stops to make each other laugh while ensuring they keep a straight face. One simple rule – you laugh, you lose. Those who laugh are eliminated while the last one standing gets the title & wins a whopping cash prize. Six hours, ten diverse comedians & 2 hilarious hosts, Dare you to laugh!

LOL – Enga Siri Paappom Review contains mild spoilers

‘Ready Steady Po’ is the title of the first episode of Amazon Prime’s LOL Enga Siri Paappom. Vivek and Shiva, the hosts, take us on a house tour where the ten comedians will have to stay for six hours. The set-up resembles the Bigg Boss house’s living room.

Vivek and Shiva introduce us to the ten comedians who have six hours to make everyone laugh in the house. There’s a big twist in the series – no one is supposed to laugh, except for the hosts and the audience. Anyone who laughs in the house will receive a yellow warning card, and if they laugh again, they will be evicted from the show with a red card. People in the house cannot smile or even smirk. Weird rule, isn’t it? But that’s what makes the competition complicated.

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There are more bizarre rules in the six episodes of LOL Enga Siri Paappom that the comedians must follow. In barely 45 minutes, three candidates already received a yellow card as they smiled or chuckled.  In fact, one of them is eliminated right away in the second episode.

Now, coming to the comedy factor, the comedians give their best throughout the series. They have to keep a straight face during their stand-up act and even when they’re dressed funnily. Sometimes, these contestants make you laugh. However, due to the no-laughter rule, it appears to be a Bigg Boss house fiasco. You get the impression that they’ll start fighting at any moment due to their straight faces. The ‘no laugh’ rule is the show’s central theme, but it’s also why it looks so sloppy.

LOL Enga Siri Paappom Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the latest Tamil Amazon Prime Series dares you not to laugh and sadly, you don’t get any laugh at times. Vivek and Shiva have enjoyed the show thoroughly as they have nothing to worry about. If you are okay with jokes amid the mess, you can give it a watch.

LOL – Enga Siri Paappom is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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LOL Enga Siri Paappom Review: Vivek and Shiva bring together 10 talented comedians for 6 hours where they have to cracks jokes but not laugh.

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