Amazon Prime’s Joji Review: Fahadh Faasil Shines In The Compelling Crime Drama

If Irul wasn’t enough for the audience to enjoy the acting charm of Fahadh Faasil, he’s now here to impress us with Joji. Directed by Dileesh Pothan and written by Syam Pushkaran, the film is inspired by William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Koodathayi Cyanide Murders. Released on Amazon Prime Video, Fahadh plays the titular character.

Joji also stars Unnimaya Prasad as Bincy, Baburaj as Jomon Panachel, Joji Mundakayam as Jaison Panachel, Sunny PN as Kuttappan PK Panachel and Alister Alex as Popy. Justin Varghese has composed the music for the film, and the cinematography is by Shyju Khalid. What is the movie about, and is it worth watching? Keep reading.

The Panachels are the wealthy family in their village. Tragedy knocks on their door when Joji, Jomon, and Jaison’s father, Kuttappan, suffers a stroke and is bedridden. But all his children could care about is their inheritance. They find ways to make him sign the property papers and distribute the wealth among the three. However, they fail. Kuttappan recovers and comes home, but he is paralysed in a wheelchair.

Joji, the youngest of the Panachel siblings, called the useless one, tries to convince his father for the property, but Kuttappan chokes him. Well, the only option Fahadh Faasil’s character has is to kill him. In a very subtle way, Bincy, his sister-in-law, acts as his Lady Macbeth. She knows what he did but keeps mum because everyone wants their share of the wealth.

Joji Review
A still from Joji

Dileesh Pothan’s film is a lot more than the inheritance of wealth. When the film starts, Fahadh Faasil does appear as someone who doesn’t care about anything. He has no job, no interest in the family business and is lazy AF. But when his criminal side evokes, there’s no stopping him.

The film is set during the pandemic, and you see people wearing masks. We keep calling it the new normal, and in Dileesh’s film, you see how normal it is! No one addresses wearing masks or talks about the pandemic. People have accepted it as a regular part of their lives. So kudos to that because it shows how Syam Pushkaran was in control of his writing. The film has a remarkably calm tone and one cannot expect any crime. But as they say – it’s more than what meets the eyes!

The 113 minutes film is gripping from the start till the end. You are extremely involved in seeing Joji’s intentions, his transformation and the conclusion. Along with the solid script, what makes the film appealing is its editing and cinematography. There are scenes with no dialogues because the director gives you time to study the character and the tone of the film.

Shyju Khalid’s cinematography needs a necessary mention because he has done a commendable job. I loved the long shots he captured and zoomed into the characters in the scenes. In the film that sets a dark tone, the scenic beauty was a respite and blended well with the story. Another mention needs to be to Justin Varghese’s musical score. He composed the background melodies that felt every bit Shakespearesque. It acted as a compelling catalyst with how the tonality changes with a new twist in the film.

Fahadh Faasil as Joji

Coming to performances, Fahadh Faasil gives an impactful performance. He is completely absorbed in his character. I mean, that is what you expect him to do because his talent range is sky-high. Unnimaya Prasad, as Bincy, doesn’t talk much, but her presence is prominent in the story. But at the end of the film, I wish she had more to say because I wanted to know her intentions clearly. The rest of the cast play their part well and add substance to the story.

Joji Review: Is it worth it?

Overall, Joji is a must-watch. You are in for quality writing, excellent direction, cinematography, music and performances.

Joji is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Joji provides quality writing, excellent direction, cinematography, music and performances.
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