Amazon Prime’s Ek Mini Katha Review: Story of a Misunderstood ‘Sex Addict’

Ek Mini Katha, a Telugu adult comedy film released on Amazon Prime Video today. Directed by Karthik Rapolu and written by Merlapaka Gandhi, the film stars Santosh Shoban, Kavya Thapar, Shraddha Das, Brahmaji, Saptagiri and Harsha Vardhan. Pravin Lakkaraju has composed the music, and the cinematography is by Gokul Bharathi.

The title Ek Mini Katha translates to “a small story”, and the word small is not adequate for our lead Santosh (played by Santosh Shoban). The film starts with Santosh’s father (Brahmaji) visiting a psychiatrist, Satya (Harsha Vardhan). He tells Satya that he needs help as his son is a sex addict and shares how the addiction started when he was a child. One day, when young Santosh returns from school, he asks his dad, ‘what’s in my pant?’. The father says that his son visits a brothel, and despite having a wife, he was caught in their house with another woman.

When the psychiatrist calls Santosh and asks him about his sex addiction, he has another story to tell. Santosh reveals that one day when he was in the school’s washroom, a classmate teased him for having a small pee-pee. After that, the boys in his class made fun of him in the lecture too. That’s why when he went home, he asked his father about what’s in his pants and wanted to know why everyone is making fun of him.

Ek Mini Katha Review: Trailer still
Ek Mini Katha Review: A still from the trailer

Santosh’s agony due to his small genital yet being addressed as a sex addict is his Ek Mini Katha. He shares how he has always been insecure because of the size and tried penis enlargement surgery and other ayurvedic treatment. Santosh reveals the reason for visiting the brothel and who the other woman is. Just like his father, Santosh asks the psychiatrist to help him get out of his miseries.

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To sum up my Ek Mini Katha review in a short and simple sentence, it’s a story of the woes of having small genitals. Director Karthik Rapolu and writer Merlapaka Gandhi have kept their story straightforward, unpreachy and humorously presented everything. Despite being an adult comedy, the film is not indecent with its dialogues or presentation.

Ek Mini Katha Review
Ek Mini Katha Review: Trailer still

However, Amazon Prime’s Ek Mini Katha is a victim of being an unnecessary lengthy film. Some scenes make no sense, are not funny and add nothing valuable to the story. The most cringe sequence was Santosh and Amrutha’s (Kavya Thapar) wedding with the bizarre guests doing stupid antics. It was a long scene, and you wish the makers had used the edit button. The music of the film is good.

Actor Santosh Shoban has played Santosh with full conviction. Seeing him underconfident, misunderstood and agreeing to a fatal surgery to enlarge his genital makes you sad. But nowhere his characters ask for pity. His chemistry with his wife Amrutha (Kavya Thapar) is mesmerising. Actors Brahmaji and Saptagiri also played their parts well.

Ek Mini Katha: Is it worth watching?

Overall, Ek Mini Katha is a decent watch. As an adult comedy, it is not obscene or raunchy. It has many flaws, but you can always scroll ahead when you don’t want to watch a boring scene. Also, if you don’t have a free equation with your family members, it’s safe to watch it alone.

Ek Mini Katha is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Ek Mini Katha is a decent watch. As an adult comedy, it is not obscene or raunchy. It has many flaws, but you can always scroll ahead when you don't want to watch a boring scene.

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