Amazon’s Invincible Part 2 Recap: It Only Gets Better

Invincible is an adult animated superhero series that is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman. The series stars voice actors including Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, Jason Mantzoukas, Zachary Quinto and J. K. Simmons, alongside others. The Invincible part 2 recap consists of episodes 4, 5 and 6.

Juggling school, active love life and being a superhero can be difficult when you’re a teenager. It goes without saying that the latter of the three is going to take up a lot of time, especially since you’re just starting off. After part 1, Invincible part 2 comes back to give us some answers, and more questions, after the first four episodes.

Invincible part 2 extends on what we saw last. Mark is slowly getting used to being a human with powers, but being a teenager who’s love-drunk has its downsides. So much so that he screws up his dates with Amber who is, justifiably, pissed with him. However, he successfully convinces her to give him chances.

But, what he makes up for in his interactions with Amber, he’s not able to do with the superhero part of his life. Mark gets into a terrible fight along with the new Guardians in which they have to fend off against a bunch of villains. They win, of course, but Mark and two others are gravely injured. We also get to see some interesting villains that hopefully will come into play later on.

Additionally, Invincible part 2 gives us other super villains to combat, namely a mad scientist, of sorts, Battle Beast and Titan. As his relationship with Amber starts to hit rocky territory in Invincible part 2, Mark realises that he must be more aware of what he is doing. He understands the consequences of his actions and actively tries to be better at every moment. But really, the kid just can’t catch a break.

We see villains, heroes and regular people being beaten to a pulp left, right and centre. There’s so much blood spewing at every given moment that it can be difficult to watch for some. However, the series tries to keep a balance by introducing the high-school romance and the more normal teenage parts of Mark’s life. It might be too cringe for some but honestly, I felt that it added some humanity to the otherwise dark and humourless moments.

On the other hand, Debbie and Eve get more screen time and their own storylines other than being the guys’ extensions. Debbie, voiced by the brilliant Sandra Oh, goes off on a mission to find out the truth of Nolan’s involvement in the Guardians’ murder. Her feisty nature and absolute badassery while facing Nolan are worth a celebration.

Eve, on the other hand, realises in Invincible part 2 about what will give her life meaning. We get a little more background about her and her home life seems exhausting, to say the least. However, she takes her helping nature and all the crap that her family throws her way and uses it for something positive and good. Her tangent is different and maybe even slightly away from the limelight, but it’s great to watch regardless.

As for performances, Invincible part 2 consists of the same bunch of very talented actors who do a phenomenal job at giving these characters life. The animation style is brilliant and it’s a joy to watch on-screen. The story, the characters and the voice actors, along with the animation are a great mesh to watch and certainly makes for a good binge session.

Summing up: Invincible part 2

Invincible part 2

Invincible part 2, like the first part, answers a few questions, adds some more, and brings forth some great villains whom I’d like to see more of in future episodes. The series holds on to your attention really well throughout its runtime, and although they are pretty long episodes, they go by in a jiffy.

Invincible part 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Invincible part 2 is a brilliant addition to the previous episodes which answer some questions and leave us with a few more.

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Invincible part 2 is a brilliant addition to the previous episodes which answer some questions and leave us with a few more.Amazon’s Invincible Part 2 Recap: It Only Gets Better