Amazon’s IIT Krishnamurthy Review: An Engrossing But Slow And Unsatisying Telugu Thriller!

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IIT Krishnamurthy premiered on 10th December 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Sree Vardhan and written by Manapaka Nagarjuna, the film stars Prudhvi Dandamudi, Maira Doshi, Vinay Varma, and Anand Bharathi alongside other cast members

My Uncle’s Missing!

IIT Krishnamurthy revolves around the life of an IIT Mumbai student Krishnamurthy, our protagonist, who visits Hyderabad in search of his missing uncle. With every hint pointing towards his uncle being dead, he is determined to not leaving any stones unturned. As he asks the ACP to help him in this directionless search, he is attacked by some forces who threaten both him and the ACP to leave the case alone. Who all are involved? Was his uncle murdered or is he still out there somewhere? Who are these fearless forces?

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IIT Krishnamurthy is not poorly drafted. Yes, the plot becomes obvious after a while, but as a good thriller, the film is still able to give the viewer a good experience without spilling too much detail in the midst of the shenanigans! But if you take a closer look at the storyline – first, it could have been summed up in an hour or more with perfection, and secondly, the film has a few borrowed elements and they are easy to identify in the plot.

There are various loose ends here and you will find yourself unable to sympathize with any of the characters since the storyline is broken into various pieces. Furthermore, whenever a love story is added in a thriller, it brings the hero’s moral compass on the table. Here, however, the love interest herself is rude and inconsiderate in various ways.

IIT Krishnamurthy
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Prudhvi Dandamudi, who takes the role of Krishnamurthy, has done an excellent job in the title role. The actor keeps his performance to the point and gives the storyline some considerable credibility. He is especially good at those instances where he behaves in a way that makes the plot of the film shine adding the emotional quotient to it. However, when it comes to the overall film, these instances slow the film down considerably. Vinay Verma as ACP too plays a good role and brings the best of himself on-screen but there is nothing memorable in both the roles that churn the plot of the film.

The story here is straightforward, though decent and engrossing at certain points, but you don’t really expect the police to be this dumb, do you? As a debutant director, Sree does great but not you-have-never-seen-before great!

Stream It or Skip It

IIT Krishnamurthy
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SKIP IT! While IIT Krishnamurthy is a good time-pass, a major drawback here is the pace and the length of the film. There are some repetitive things in the film that adds to its skip-worthy factor. The only saviour here is the way suspense is built and presented! Other than that the film lacks character arc for key driving forces and again, pace!

IIT Krishnamurthy is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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IIT Krishnamurthy is Amazon Prime Video's latest Telugu thriller around the plight of Krishnamurthy who comes to a different town in search of is his uncle! Stream It or Skip It? Read Here

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