ALTBalaji’s Girgit (2021) Review: Black and White and Everything in Between

Girgit is a thriller series directed by Santosh Shetty and stars Nakul Roshan Sahdev, Taniya Kalrra, Trupti Khamkar, Ashmita Jaggi, Samar Vermani, Aleksandar Ilic, Shahwar Ali and Ashish Tyagi, alongside other cast members. The series is 7 episodes long and each episode is around half an hour long.

ALTBalaji describes the show as:

What happens when your Love becomes an obsession, lover turns into a stalker & Marriage leads to Murder. You get a Sexy, Sassy, wickedly Funny, thriller & Dark comedy like no other – GIRGIT.

– Girgit review does not contain spoilers –

Girgit is not a story that you take lightly. No, really. From the first moment, you see people being their absolute horrible selves. The story revolves around Ranbir’s wife, Janhvi’s death. Or, murder. The series has the weirdest vibes – comedy music plays in the weirdest moments. The music choices, I think, are meant to be quirky and I don’t know what exactly to think about it. The situations that go with those songs are equally head-scratching.

Now, Girgit is about the depravity that exists in people. Ranbir isn’t all there; if anything, he’s an unreliable narrator. A cross-connection during his conversation with a hitman results in Mahi and Shamoli finding out what’s going on in his life. People are not black and white, and that’s pretty evident in this series.

People can go to any lengths for their relationships. Or for money, fame and power. Greed can be a good motivator to bring out the worst in humankind and nowhere is that more evident than in Girgit. Just like a chameleon, people can change their colours as and when they see fit in order to fulfil their own needs.

However, I must say that Girgit has some dubbing issues. Some dialogues seem like they are different from what is being said and the acting can be a bit wonky in some places… well, in a lot of places. Also, the sexual innuendo-filled dialogue can be a bit tacky sometimes but that’s a given in ALTBalaji shows.

There are two distinct storylines in the series – that of Shamoli and Mahi, and that of Ranbir. Their stories converge early on and make the already complicated storyline more complex. The more we get into the story, the more we get to know how bad people can be. And it’s believable since people are that bad these days.

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In spite of saying that though, Girgit can be a bit much – a bit too much. The series tries to portray itself as this really edgy, no-nonsense and no holds barred show but goes overboard with all of these aspects. The dialogue and some of the situations seem tacky and unnecessary. That being said, the series is depraved and fast enough to watch quickly and is entertaining enough to not be too annoying.

Nakul Roshan Sahdev and Taniya Kalra are good with their angry and hopeless characters who are flawed and complex. The supporting actors aren’t the best and sometimes their dialogue delivery is a bit all over the place, and some are straight-up unbelievable. But it’s not the worst and I was entertained.

Summing up: Girgit

Girgit is definitely interesting. It’s not for everyone and can be very in-your-face sometimes (read: most of the time). It’s distinctly and unabashedly ALTBalaji and the twists and turns and new information that throws you for a googly. It’s a show that you’ll be able to easily binge and the half-an-hour long 7-episode run is fast and weird enough to enjoy.

Girgit is streaming on ALTBalaji.

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Girgit is a mixed bag that keeps you entertained with its antics.


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Girgit is a mixed bag that keeps you entertained with its antics.ALTBalaji's Girgit (2021) Review: Black and White and Everything in Between