ALT Balaji’s His Storyy Review: A Lot More Than Just A Gay Love Story

A few days ago, ALT Balaji and Zee5’s The Married Woman received rave reviews. Hence, when His Storyy trailer came out, people hoped for a similar approach with the same-sex love story. Directed by Prashant Bhagia, the series stars Satyadeep Misra, Priyamani Raj, Mrinal Dutt, Charu Shankar, and Rajiv Kumar. Is the show worth watching? Check out our review to know the same.

First, I’ll summarise what His Storyy is about. Sakshi (Priyamani Raj) and Kunal (Satyadeep Misra) have been married for 20 years and are often called the perfect couple. They have two teenage sons and a flourishing restaurant business. However, Sakshi’s happiness comes crumbling down when she finds out Kunal has an affair with a food critic named Preet (Mrinal Dutt).

In His Storyy, director Prashant Bhagia has shown us a gay love story and also highlighted sexism, misogyny, and homophobia. In the past, we have seen several Indian directors weaving homosexual love stories. However, they couldn’t help but include the cliches and stereotypes in it. But Bhagia’s sensitive approach towards every character and certain issues saved the series from becoming a disaster.

his storyy
ALT Balaji's His Storyy Review: A Lot More Than Just A Gay Love Story 3

The series focuses on the sexist jokes married uncles crack about their wives. With no filter, the makers have shown us how some old men address the 24-25-year-old girls as ‘tight’. It shows how other men, who are not problematic, don’t mind their male friend’s disturbing sexism. His Storyy also covered the homophobia ingrained in the minds of old and young people. No amount of education and wealth can clean the filth that’s filled in these rigid brains.

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series was Nihal’s (played by Rajiv Kumar) approach towards his son when he finds out that he may be gay. So, he hires a girl in her mid-20s to sleep with his 16-year-old son as that’s the sign of ‘mardangi’. A remarkable scene was Kunal calling out Nihal’s bullshit, his sexist jokes, philandering approach and backward mindset. We often read on social media that every girl has come across one creepy man in their life, but not all men know creeps around them. Many men hesitate to call out their own friends for being problematic. This is the first time I’ve seen it happen, and that too in a show!

Along with good writing, what makes the ALT Balaji show impactful are the performances. Priyamani Raj has given a solid act as a woman whose 20 years of married life have been a lie. Sakshi has the most to lose in the story, and Priyamani has portrayed every emotion and severity her character faces with great conviction. Satyadeep Misra, Mrinal Dutt, Charu Shankar, and Rajiv Kumar also did a commendable job. The music was also soothing and effective in the storytelling.

His Story
A Still from His Story trailer

What didn’t win me in His Storyy are the dialogues. In The Married Woman, the dialogues were one of the stimulating factors. That wasn’t entirely the case here. In fact, the word fuck was used too much. It seems like the writers added some lines in their script full of fucks. Sometimes, the approach was extremely dramatic, like a daily soap, especially during emotional scenes. Also, 11 episodes were a lot. It could’ve been an equally poignant series, even with 7-8 episodes.

His Storyy: Is it worth it?

Overall, His Storyy is worth watching. People have always made fun of ALT Balaji and Zee5 for not giving good content. Well, the digital platforms have shown again that they, too, have the potential to provide something powerful. With good direction and impressive acting, the series will keep you hooked. There are lots of abusive languages, so you may not be comfortable watching them with the family.

His Storyy is currently streaming on ALT Balaji and Zee5.

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ALTBalaji and Zee5 have been very consistent with their content and that is evident with His Storyy.

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