Alchemy Of Souls Episode 2 Recap: Mu-deok gets caught by Songrim?

Alchemy of Souls (환혼) is a 2022 Korean fantasy drama which is set in the imaginary world of Daeho. The story revolves around young magicians who are to carry the burden of the past. Starring Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min and Hwang Min-hyun the show will have 20 episodes and it takes over tvN’s Saturday-Sunday 9 PM KST timeslot previously occupied by Our Blues. Alchemy of Souls episode 2 has a runtime of 71 minutes.

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-Alchemy of Souls Episode 2 Recap contains spoilers-

Alchemy of Souls episode 2 starts with a flashback of Jang Kang’s wife’s death where he remembers the emperor’s words that the child born (Jang Uk) is the emperor’s. Jang Kang takes the infant Jang Uk to Songrim where he blocks his Gate of Energy, due to this he will never be able to learn any spells. He also forbids others from opening his gate and leave from Songrim.

The scene then transitions to the present where he reveals to Mu-deok that she is Naksu. He asks her to be his master in exchange for keeping her identity hidden and safe. They are then caught by Seo Yool and Park Dang-gu as they discuss the earlier events. While Seo Yool apologises for startling Mu-deok earlier, Park Dang-gu commends Mu-deok for trying to protect her weak master. They then tell Jang Uk and Mu-deok about Naksu’s missing body.

Alchemy of Souls episode 2
Still From Alchemy of Souls Episode 2

Elsewhere, Park Jin realises that there is a spy hidden in Songrim and asks for everyone to gather to catch the spy. We then see Jang Uk, Mu-deok, Seo Yool and Park Dang-gu gathered in the secret room where Naksu’s body was kept. Jang Uk keeps discussing Naksu which provokes Mu-deok, making her determined to kill Jang Uk.

The two are soon left alone where Mu-deok reveals that she is indeed Naksu and questions Jang Uk’s reason for helping her. He tells her that he needs Mu-deok as his master. However, she rejects his request only to have him trap the two inside the room with the help of a secret mechanism. He then tells her that if she kills him then she will be caught by Songrim when they open the room, but if she agrees to be his master then he will protect her.

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Alchemy of Souls episode 2
Still From Alchemy of Souls Episode 2

She then tells him that she needs her sword to open his gate of energy as soul shifting has left her weak, and to find her sword she needs to go out. However, Jang Uk informs her that the mechanism needs to complete before they can try to open it. Furious, Mu-deok tries to attack him but steps on a switch on the floor which causes the room to collapse.

The two somehow make their way out of the room only to be brought to the training room where Park Jin has asked for everyone to gather. There they meet Park Dang-gu who informs them that Park Jin has gathered them to search for Naksu’s men who were behind the attack.

Park Jin reveals that there is a traitor amongst them who is a soul shifter and will be revealed with the help of the Jin family’s ghost Sapsali. Here enters Jin Ho-kyung, who releases the ghost Sapsali Gwigu that detects sorcery. Gwigu is released from the heirloom pottery and starts its search. However, just when Jang Uk and Mu-deok think that it is going to attack her, it jumps on another soul shifter behind them.

The soul shifter is killed by Seo Yool. Mu-deok sees this as a chance to escape only to be caught by Jang Uk, when Gwigu returns to attack Mu-deok. Jang Uk tells her to run and he himself runs back to the training centre and breaks the heirloom pottery, saving Mu-deok. However, this leads to him getting reprimanded by Park Jin who punishes him. Mu-deok then comes to him, informing him of her departure.

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Alchemy of Souls episode 2
Still From Alchemy of Souls Episode 2

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She goes to the brothel and collects some fireworks from Ju-wol under Jang Uk’s name. She also tells her that Jang Uk is looking to sell his Songrim Spirit plaque and the two strike a deal. However, they are overheard by another brothel worker.

The scene shifts to Danju’s gathering place where the leader promises the men that he will turn them into soul shifters, but he leaves the room and has his men kill the group. The leader is revealed to be Jin Mu (Jo Jae-yoon) who is the assistant Gwanju of Cheonbugwan. The word spreads that Jin Mu brought back the bodies of Naksu and her men into the palace.

Now at the palace, the emperor tries to appoint Jin Mu as the Gwanju which is met with objection by Songrim members as Jang Kang is still the Gwanju. The emperor changes the reward and grants Jin Wu’s wish of burning Naksu’s body in public while keeping her sword at Cheonbugwan.

Alchemy of Souls episode 2
Still From Alchemy of Souls Episode 2

Upon learning this, Jang Uk goes to Jin Wu to retrieve Naksu’s sword. All this while Mu-deok contacts Danju but soon realises that Danju has cut her off when someone else gets killed by them thinking it was Naksu. She then comes to the place where Naksu’s body is being burnt while feeling hopeless about her situation. However, it changes when Jang Uk comes to her with her sword.

The two go to another place where Mu-deok is unable to unsheath her sword. Dispirited by this she tells Jang Uk that is cannot continue to live this way and goes to kill herself. She reaches the side of lake Gyeongcheondaeho recalling it being called the grave of soul shifters by Jin Wu. She jumps into the lake but soon she notices that she is filled with energy and succeeds in unsheathing her sword. Jang Uk rushes to the lake in search of Mu-deok when he finds her at the edge of the lake with her sword unsheathed where she soon faints.

Mu-deok wakes up at Sejukwon and rushes to unsheath her sword but fails again. She then discusses what happened at the lake with Jang Uk and finds that it was the power of the lake that caused the event. Mu-deok soon comes to the conclusion that she needs someone powerful to push the energy out of her and hacks up a new plan.

Alchemy of Souls episode 2
Still From Alchemy of Souls Episode 2

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Alchemy Of Souls Episode 2 Ending

Mu-deok poisons Jang Uk while telling him that this is a bet that will determine their future. Seeing Jang Uk in pain, Park Jin and Heo Yeom rush to him only to find out that he is poisoned and has only 6 hours before his heart stops. Park Jin asks Mu-deok what poison he ingested but she keeps her mouth shut after telling him that the only way to save him is by opening his gate of energy.

Park Jin takes away Mu-deok and tortures her, only to fail in getting her to open her mouth. Elsewhere, seeing that there is no other way, Heo Yeom opens Jang Uk’s gate and saves him. Upon waking up, Jang Uk rushes to Mu-deok and the two recognise each other as master and pupil.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 2 Review

Alchemy Of Souls episode 2 was filled with another wave of hidden surprises and flashbacks. From Jang Uk who searches for a master to teach him spells, to the betrayal of Danju that Mu-deok faces – this episode has been an entertainer which was a smooth watch.

What really kept me intrigued was the flashback of Jang Kang. I really want to know where he disappeared and the real reason behind blocking Jang Uk’s gate. I also want to know why the four families killed Naksu’s parents and if she will be able to get her powers back. And what will be the result of Jang Uk learning spells? The questions are many and they will keep me hooked on this show for a long time.

The plot is really attractive but it is also the setting of this drama which I have really enjoyed. This magical world of Daeho where energy looks more like black magic is one of the reasons you need to watch this show.

Alchemy Of Souls is streaming on Netflix.

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Alchemy of Souls episode 2: Jang Uk's hopes crumble as Mu-deok is left powerless.

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Alchemy Of Souls Episode 2 Recap: Mu-deok gets caught by Songrim?Alchemy of Souls episode 2: Jang Uk's hopes crumble as Mu-deok is left powerless.