Alan Saldana Locked Up Review: Has Its Moments

Alan Saldana Locked Up is a stand-up comedy show which is 49 minutes long and features comedian Alan Saldana performing funny sketches.

Alan Saldana Locked Up has Saldana telling jokes and skits in front of a live audience, all of whom are very far away. More than the comedy show, I was impressed by how the stage was set up and where the audience was sitting. It looks futuristic and beautiful and makes the viewing experience truly wonderful.

That being said, the comedy itself feels a bit lacklustre. It might be the obvious language barrier since it’s not unknown that understanding jokes with the help of subtitles or dubs is very difficult. More often than not you don’t understand the true background and nature of the joke if you’re not familiar with the culture and the language.

However, that’s not it. Alan Saldana Locked Up’s shortcomings aren’t just because of the language barrier. The stand-up comedian’s choice of topic was the bone of contention for me. Case in point, the comedian starts off the show by talking about how difficult it is to not have sex for 40 days after his wife delivered their child. I mean, I am sure it is difficult but I am just so over these locker boy jokes – they are not funny to me. Also, cheating isn’t funny; I’m sorry it’s just not my brand of humour.

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Alan Saldana Locked Up

He then moves on to non-sexual things – talking about his son, music choices, Jehovah’s Witness. I think I liked some bits of the JW jokes, the 666 one was funny. He then moves on to badmouthing a woman and starts off by saying that he’s not a misogynist – that never bodes well. Well, and it didn’t because we hear about how, in bed, you can ask fat women to swallow and they’ll still want more. I don’t know man, fat jokes might be fine, but this is a bit much.

Then, comes the Netflix joke. Again, sex jokes are fine, but holy crap there’s a lot of that here and not all are flattering. I found it a bit problematic and it, unfortunately, didn’t make me laugh at all. The Izzi joke was a cultural thing and a missed opportunity. I think if I understood the problems that people face with the service, I’d have laughed along. Maybe if you put your local services in place of Izzi you’d have a better chance at laughing at this skit.

Next, you get more sex jokes in Alan Saldana Locked Up. The latter ones are slightly better than what the comedian started out with and I actually laughed at a few. Saldana’s energy, however, is infectious and he’s jumping around and laughing with his jokes to make a bigger impact and it works. You sometimes laugh at how ridiculous he’s being on-stage more than the content of his jokes.

Summing up: Alan Saldana Locked Up

Alan Saldana Locked Up

Alan Saldana Locked Up is a mixed bag that is sometimes funny but at other times it’s offensive and confusing. I enjoyed a few moments where the skits were actually good and relatable. But at other times, the comedian drops the ball on the quality. None of the jokes, however, made me rolling on the floor laughing and that’s a little sad, considering the high production quality. You might enjoy it a bit more if you understand the language though.

Alan Saldana Locked Up is streaming on Netflix.

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Alan Saldana Locked Up has its funny moments but the language and cultural barriers and a few problematic moments fail to make it as fun.
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