Again My Life Recap (Episode 1 & 2): Lee Joong-gi’s Life Gets a Twist

Again My Life (어게인 마이 라이프) is a 2022 Korean drama featuring Lee Joong-gi, Lee Kyoung-young, Kim Ji-eun and Jung Sang-hoon. It is based on the web novel of the same name written by Lee Hae-nal. This fantasy and mystery-infused Law Kdrama is directed by Han Chul-soo and each episode runs for around 70 minutes.

-Again My Life Recap (Episode 1 & 2) contains major spoilers-

Lee Joong-gi as Kim Hee-woo is a fierce prosecutor who fights against injustice, both by law and physically. He knows his way around laws and can always get away with anything but he uses his talent for good purposes only. He had a tough life growing up but he is still a warm-hearted person. He wishes to eradicate the corrupt system present in the society and his only power is the law.

Hee-woo has found a new target, Cho Tae-seub, an assemblyman and an upcoming presidential candidate. Cho Tae-seub has been in politics for a long time and is one of the people who control and nourish the corrupt system. The drama starts off intensely as Hee-woo starts summoning all people related to Tae-seub and finally summons Tae-seub himself, ignoring advice from his boss. No one had dared to summon Tae-seub before and soon enough, he proves why no one ever dares to go against him.

Again My Life
Lee Kyoung as Cho Tae-seub and Lee Joong-gi as Kim Hee-woo in Again My Life

Hee-woo is confident that he will be able to trap Tae-seub but he has no idea how much of a vile person Tae-seub is. While Hee-woo interrogates Tae-seub, the main witness, in this case, is being threatened for his life. Hee-woo’s ignorance about Tae-seub’s power almost led an innocent to death. The witness is scared for his life and won’t open his mouth. However, he worked as bait to get Hee-woo.

Tae-seub’s hitman has been waiting for Hee-woo and after a long fight with breathtaking action sequences, Hee-woo is defeated and the hitman throws him down from the building. This is where the story takes a turn. A mysterious woman dressed in all red appears and shows Hee-woo flashbacks of his life where he was bullied, his parents died in an accident and how he became a madman who fought in MMA. She offers him a second chance at life if he is sure that he can destroy Cho Tae-seub when given a chance.

Woman in Red, Again My Life
The Mysterious Woman in Red in Again My Life

Hee-woo goes back in time to when he was 18 years old and starts living his life again but now, with an aim to destroy Cho Tae-seub. He finds himself working in the convenience store and realizes that he is a high school graduate now. He desperately hopes to find his parents at home. He had not been a good child to them when they were alive but this second life has given him an opportunity to make all the wrong things right. His parents are surprised to find him behaving extra good with them.

His parents’ death had been a mystery to Hee-woo because the police never went further with the investigation. The mystery reveals itself when Heewoo makes sure to save his parents this time. It was Cho Tae-seub’s son who had killed them while drunk driving but this time, he dies instead of Hee-woo’s parents. His connection with Tae-seub goes a long way and it is only now that he realizes it. Everything he does now is going to change the lives of people connected to him.

Lee Joong Gi Again My Life
Lee Joong-gi as a Prosecutor in Again My Life

Hee-woo takes the CSAT exam and cracks it in the first attempt unlike in his previous life where it took him three attempts. He gets into the Hankuk Law School and impresses everyone on the first day with his law knowledge. He also gets an internship at a law firm and impresses his boss as well. Overall, Hee-woo’s life has been going much better than his previous life. His parents are alive, he saves a friend from a life-threatening situation and he has a lot of time to study his target.

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At his freshers’ party, Hee-woo meets a strange man named Lee Min-soo whom he does not remember meeting in his past life. This man clings to him as if he has known him before. They also happen to meet Kim Hee-ah, a computer engineering student accidentally and the three of them hit it off naturally. They all believe that it must be fate that they met. Everything has been going smoothly for Hee-woo until he senses a man following him and he turns out to be the same man who murdered him in his past life. The scene gives you chills and you can feel the terror in Hee Woo’s eyes.

Final Thoughts: Again My Life Episode 1 & 2

Again My Life starts as a drama with the main lead fighting against injustice but as soon as the woman in red appears, the story takes a shift in a different direction. Lee Joong-gi’s portrayal of a teenager and a prosecutor in the same story shows his excellency in acting from the very first episode. A lot of things happen from the very first episode and its fast pace is sure to keep you expecting more. Hee-woo’s character is impressive as a fearless prosecutor but death is realistic enough as to how he dies because of his powerlessness next to a big politician.

Again My Life OST: What The GGang? By Yoon Do-hyun

As we know that there are varieties of genres in the world of Kdramas and not a lot of times, an attempt is made to mix the genres. Law is one of the less explored drama genres compared to many popular genres. Also, the OSTs are captivating as well. Again My Life has managed to bring mystery, fantasy, action, thriller and law together in one show. With a powerful cast and an interesting storyline, the expectations are high for this drama.

Again My Life is streaming on Viki.

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Again My Life starts off with a bang and some great acting from Lee Joong-gi!

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Again My Life starts off with a bang and some great acting from Lee Joong-gi!Again My Life Recap (Episode 1 & 2): Lee Joong-gi's Life Gets a Twist