Again My Life Episode 6 Recap: Drug Cartel, Human Trafficking and More

Again My Life (어게인 마이 라이프) is a 2022 Korean drama featuring Lee Joon-gi, Lee Kyoung-young, Kim Ji-eun and Jung Sang-hoon. It is based on the web novel of the same name written by Lee Hae-nal. This fantasy and mystery-infused Law Kdrama is directed by Han Chul-soo. Again My Life Episode 6 has a runtime of 60 minutes.

-Again My Life Episode 6 Recap Contains Spoilers-

In Again My Life Episode 6, the chief of the Gimsan Branch, Jeon Seon-kyu is angry at Hee-woo for fighting with the Yuchae Gang because he thinks that nothing is more important than life. He brings the backup force and confiscates everything from the illegal casino. They have found important trade documents that can get many politicians in trouble.

Again My Life Episode 6
Still from Again My Life Episode 6

As expected, the local politicians gather in the Gimsan office and throw a fit at Jeon. They summon Hee-woo and ask him to cover up the matter as fast as he can. As the argument doesn’t seem to stop between Hee-woo and them, Jeon asks Hee-woo to apologize. Hee-woo apologizes to the politicians but makes it clear that he cannot cover up the issue.

Hee-woo had sent Sang-man to Seoul with the documents about this incident. Sang-man delivered these documents to Kim Han-mi who is now a news reporter and she covers the story which becomes national news that an illegal casino was raided by government officials. Hee-woo plays it smart and now, the politicians are in a hurry to erase their names from any illegal activity.

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Among his busy schedule, Hee-woo doesn’t get to have personal time but he gets surprised by a sudden visitor. Hee-ah has come back to Korea and now helps her father and brother in their business. She visits him in Gangwon when she finds out that Hee-woo works there. She likes Hee-woo but it is unsure if he feels the same. Just after Hee-ah, Kim Han-mi also visits Hee-woo regarding the casino case. She is still hot-tempered as before and was ready to fight the Yuchae gang members when they teased her.

Again My Life Episode 6
Still from Again My Life Episode 6

While investigating the illegal business of the Yuchae gang, Hee-woo finds out that they also run a drug cartel and sell women to brothels. Until now, they have sold 20 women to brothels by drugging them. Hee-woo finds this information from Do Hwa-jin, the trader from the casino and to repay for her help, he helps her father to get away from his gambling addiction and reduce his charges.

Again My Life Episode 6 Ending

Sang-man is undercover and on the lookout for the drug cartel that runs its business at night on the seaport. He is working as a day labourer to find the traces and an old man asks him and another young man if they would do a special job at night which pays more than their daily wage. Sang-man gets the hint and informs Hee-woo right away.

Again My Life OST: Bring It On

Hee-woo has a bigger plan in mind. He had started working on this case in his previous life but was killed before he could finish the case. Jeon had provided him with the details and that’s why Hee-woo came to Gangwon this time. If he wants to bring down Cho Tae-seub, he needs to work on a bigger level and it means he needs to go to Seoul and also convince Jeon to be a part of the plan.

Hee-woo requests the Seoul Chief prosecutor to work on the case and the chief thinks it will be good for him as he is looking forward to his promotion. The chief prosecutor is close to Cho Tae-seub and the easiest way for Hee-woo to get near him. The chief asks Tae-seub if he should bring Hee-woo and Jeon to Seoul and Tae-seub gives him a green signal. Chief has gotten involved in the case and is covering the wider area of human trafficking while Hee-woo has gone undercover to catch the drug cartel. Hee-woo is now one step away from meeting Cho Tae-seub again.

Again My Life Episode 6 Review

Again My Life Episode 5 goes into the depth of the Yuchae gang’s case and exposes their other illegal activities as well. Hee-woo has been a prosecutor for two weeks only but his co-workers applaud his working tactic and feel as if he has been working for 10 years. Again My Life Episode 5 is well executed in the investigation part which makes the episode interesting to watch.

Again My Life Episode 5 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Again My Life Episode 6, the illegal business of the Yuchae Gang is exposed.

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In Again My Life Episode 6, the illegal business of the Yuchae Gang is exposed.Again My Life Episode 6 Recap: Drug Cartel, Human Trafficking and More