Again My Life Episode 5 Recap: Lee Joon-gi Provokes The Yuchae Gang

Again My Life (어게인 마이 라이프) is a 2022 Korean drama featuring Lee Joon-gi, Lee Kyoung-young, Kim Ji-eun and Jung Sang-hoon. It is based on the web novel of the same name written by Lee Hae-nal. This fantasy and mystery-infused Law Kdrama is directed by Han Chul-soo. Again My Life Episode 5 has a runtime of 76 minutes.

-Again My Life Episode 5 Recap Contains Spoilers-

In Again My Life Episode 5, the Mirae Motors Company is being sold to a foreign company and its employees are protesting against it. Hee-woo knows that the company is going to shut down but he can’t do anything about it now. Cho Tae-seub is aware of the happenings and stops the merger by joining hands with a fellow politician. Hee-woo understands that Tae-seub is aiming for Presidential elections and not legislation which is going to make his job much harder.

In his past life, Hee-woo’s first case was proving Mr. Park’s innocence. Mr. Park was accused of murdering his friend for money and it took 10 years for him to be proven innocent. His son, Park Sang-man had searched for the evidence for 10 years and brought it to Hee-woo. This time, when he sees the news on TV, he visits the crime site and meets Sang-man. He tells Sang-man to study well and promises him that he will prove his father’s innocence.

Again My Life Episode 5
Still from Again My Life Episode 5

Again this time, Hee-woo gives the deets about this case to his senior, Prosecutor Jang and makes him solve the case. He tells him that he knows all the details because Sang-man is his close friend. Prosecutor Jang solves the case and gets appreciated by his higher-ups and media as well. Sang-man had wasted 10 years of his life to save his father in the previous life but he gets to live a comfortable life with his father this time.

Hee-woo goes to his parent’s restaurant and finds them standing with sad faces. Hee-woo has received a drafting letter from the military and has to serve for 2 years. He informs Min-soo and Kyu-ri just two days before his admission and they get mad at him because Hee-ah is also leaving to study abroad in 2 days. Hee-ah meets Hee-woo before leaving and it’s the first time she has linked arms with a man other than her father. They bid farewell to each other and go on their own ways.

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Again My Life Episode 5 Ending

The story fast forwards to 7 years later, Hee-woo has been discharged from the military, finished his studies, passed the bar exam and has become a prosecutor. He has passed at the top of his class during training and yet, he chose Gangwon Province to work in, instead of Seoul. The investigator in the Gangwon office thinks that Hee-woo is either smart or a psycho to do this. Soon enough, he comes to the conclusion that Hee-woo is indeed a psycho.

Again My Life Episode 5
Still from Again My Life Episode 5

Hee-woo has gone through the old case files and has found his target, the Yuchae gang. Hee-woo brings Sang-man from Seoul to work on a secret operation. Sang-man has graduated as a computer engineer and has trained under the old man, Mr. Woo as per Hee-woo’s instructions. Hee-woo and Sang-man pretend to be gamblers and find out Yuchae gang’s secret gambling spot. He loses all of his money but gets the information he needed.

Next thing we know, Hee-woo has raided the secret spot and when they try to bribe him, a fight breaks out between Hee-woo and the Yuchae gang. He fights with them alone while Sang-man and Investigator are on the lookout. Right after Hee-woo is finished fighting, his branch head comes and slaps him. He had told him to not mess with the gang because they are dangerous. It is unclear why Hee-woo chose Gangwon province and chose a risky first case. Hopefully, we will get the answers in the next episode.

Again My Life Episode 5 Review

Situations have changed drastically in Again My Life Episode 5 as the story transitioned directly from Hee-woo in college to him becoming a prosecutor. We barely see the previously known characters but some new characters and their importance in Hee-woo’s plan have been highlighted. However, now we have the dashing prosecutor Kim Hee-woo who uses law and physical power to bring down the criminals. The transition from student to prosecutor is smooth and we can see some good action scenes at the end. The series is catching on to its concept and Hee-woo’s ultimate goal.

Again My Life Episode 5 is available to watch on Viki.

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In Again My Life Episode 5, Lee Joon-gi passes the bar exam and become a prosecutor again.

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In Again My Life Episode 5, Lee Joon-gi passes the bar exam and become a prosecutor again.Again My Life Episode 5 Recap: Lee Joon-gi Provokes The Yuchae Gang