Again My Life Episode 4 Recap: Lee Joon-gi and Jung Sang-hoon Strategize Against Cho Tae-seub

Again My Life (어게인 마이 라이프) is a 2022 Korean drama featuring Lee Joon-gi, Lee Kyoung-young, Kim Ji-eun and Jung Sang-hoon. It is based on the web novel of the same name written by Lee Hae-nal. This fantasy and mystery-infused Law Kdrama is directed by Han Chul-soo. Again My Life Episode 4 has a runtime of 60 minutes.

-Again My Life Episode 4 Recap Contains Spoilers-

Cho Tae-seub is giving a guest lecture at Hankuk University but Lee Min-soo and Kim Hee-ah are least interested in listening to him. Kim Hee-woo has been keeping a close eye on Cho Tae-seub’s activities and realizes that the grim reaper woman is his secretary and she had died before him in their previous lives. Hee-woo is curious about the woman and what happened to her in her previous life.

While having drinks together, Hee-ah expresses her absolute despise towards Cho Tae-seub as if she knows him personally. Hee-woo asks her the same but she denies it. However, while they leave for home, Hee-woo sees the same man that he had seen previously and that man is following Hee-ah. Hee-ah is drunk and not in her senses but Hee-woo gets into a fight with the man thinking he is a stalker.

Again My Life Episode 4
Still from Again My Life Episode 4

Turns out the man is her bodyguard and Hee-ah is the daughter of a big businessman. That’s when Hee-woo remembers that Hee-ah is the only daughter of the president of the Chunha group. She tells him the truth but asks him to keep it a secret. Cho Tae-seub is closely related to the Chunha group and controls it indirectly and Hee-ah does not seem to like it.

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Lee Min-soo introduces his friend Moon Sung-hwan, who has been developing a chatting application, HahaTalk. Hee-woo remembers that Sung-hwan was trapped in a copyright case and was forced to leave the country. Sung-hwan has submitted his funding to a program by Chunha telecommunications and its CEO has contacted him personally, the same person who had cheated on him in his previous life.

Lee Joon-gi
Still from Again My Life Episode 4

Lee Min-soo and Hee-woo have made a plan to save Sung-hwan from getting scammed. Min-soo mysteriously seems to know many things already, just like Hee-woo. They make Sung-hwan record his conversation with the CEO and Hee-woo submits all the evidence against him to his secret law club senior, Jang Il-hyun, who is looking for a big case.

Again My Life Episode 4 Ending

Hee-woo saves Sung-hwan from the copyright case and from losing his own intellectual property but Cho Tae-seub has his men spread in the Chunha group and manages to get Sung-hwan onboard with them. He fabricates the CEO’s murder as suicide as he is no longer of use to him. Tae-seub is a sly man and one day or another, he will push Sung-hwan into trouble.

Kim Ji-eun and Jung Sang-hoon
Still from Again My Life Episode 4

Along with Hee-woo and Min-soo, another person had also secretly helped Sung-hwan. He has received a text message under the pseudonym Pluto and it had the links to CEO’s articles. When they track down the secret person, it turns out to be Cho Tae-seub’s secretary Han. She has gone against Cho Tae-seub and this could be the reason why she died in her previous life. Can Hee-woo save her this time?

Again My Life Episode 4 Review

The way Lee Joon-gi changes his personality around different people is appreciable. Sometimes, he is just a fun-loving friend; with his secret law club, he is a junior who always tries to impress them and he is serious when plotting against Cho Tae-seub. This episode brings out the dirty side of Cho Tae-seub’s politics and how he has been fooling every citizen with his poster activities. Lee Min-soo acts and talks very suspiciously as if he is a god from the divine realm. The plot is getting complicated with every episode and it will be exciting to see what lies ahead.

Again My Life Episode 4 is available to watch on Viki.

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Kim Hee-woo and Lee Min-soo destroy Cho Tae-seub's plan to trap their friend in Again My Life episode 4.

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Kim Hee-woo and Lee Min-soo destroy Cho Tae-seub's plan to trap their friend in Again My Life episode 4.Again My Life Episode 4 Recap: Lee Joon-gi and Jung Sang-hoon Strategize Against Cho Tae-seub