Again My Life Episode 4: Lee Joon-gi Disrupts Cho Tae-seub’s Plans

Lee Joon-gi has come back to life and he has been planning his new life according to his one goal- to destroy Cho Tae-seub and his corrupt system. In Again My Life Episode 4, Cho Tae-seub faces obstacles one after the other and nothing has been going his way. He had never faced this much disturbance in his plans before. He wonders if it is just a coincidence or if someone is behind it.

Again My Life Episode 4, Lee Joon-gi
Still from Again My Life Episode 4

While trying to save Kim Kyu-ri’s house, Lee Joon-gi meets Woo Yong-soo, an old man who is famously known as Auction Master. He learns the art of auctioning from him and also learns about all of his real estate investments. The old man has bought many properties in the same neighbourhood and from his secret law club, Hee-woo finds out that Cho Tae-seub plans to redevelop that entire neighbourhood which puts the old man’s life in danger.

The redevelopment project is going to be beneficial to Tae-seub and he can go to any lengths to make it happen. To obstruct his plan, Hee-woo convinces Woo Yong-soo to sell off all of his properties in that neighbourhood. To avoid getting caught, the old man sells all the houses together in one night. Cho Tae-seub’s plan to trap the man in debt and then buy houses at less prices fails as all the houses now have different owners. Tae-seub had made two banks merge only to get these properties, he had moved the system for it and his big move failed.

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Lee Min-soo’s friend, Moon Sung-hwan has developed a chatting application, HahaTalk that is going to be revolutionary in the coming time. Sung-hwan has submitted his project for funding to the Youth Program by Chunha Telecommunications. Tae-seub controls that company indirectly and has his men plotted in it. The CEO of the company conspires to steal his project and use it for his and Tae-seub’s benefit.

Again My Life
Still from Again My Life Episode 4

When the CEO calls Sung-hwan for a meeting, Sung-hwan records all of their conversation on Hee-woo’s advice. The CEO had asked him to submit his source code if he wanted to get the funding. The CEO’s plan was to move to the other company with the source code and trap Sung-hwan in the Intellectual Property Rights case. However, Sung-hwan denies sharing his program.

Again My Life Episode 4 Ending: Tae-seub Becomes Suspicious

Hee-woo’s senior from the secret law club, Jang Il-hyun is a prosecutor and Hee-woo remembers him mentioning that he needed a big case as he was tired of working on small cases. Hee-woo gives the evidence to the prosecutor and he files a case against the CEO of Chunha Telecommunications for malpractices. Cho Tae-seub’s plan fails again and he is more enraged than before. To avoid his name getting mentioned during the interrogation, Tae-seub murders the CEO and fabricates it as a suicide. However, he asks other officials in Chunha Corporation to fund Sung-hwan’s project so that they can benefit later.

As if the universe is working in his favour, Hee-woo has all the cards in his hands right now. Cho Tae-seub is an assemblyman and he has managed to keep his name out of the dirt for a long time, of course using dirty tactics. However, his plans have been failing recently and he is not used to it. He is not the one to believe that everything is just a coincidence. In the upcoming episodes, he will try to dig up more into this and Hee-woo has to be more careful from now on.

Again My Life Episode 4 is available to watch on Viki.

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