Again My Life Episode 12 Reactions: Twitter Reacts To The Most Nerve-wracking Episode Yet

Again My Life Episode 12 has brought the series to the point where Kim Hee-woo has reached closer to his target. In his past life, he was the prey and but this time, he is the predator. However, one mistake and he will end up becoming prey again. Again My Life features Lee Joon-gi, Lee Kyoung-young, Kim Ji-eun and Jung Sang-hoon in lead roles.

In the latest episode, Kim Hee-woo has been making connections with high-ranking personalities while planning to stab them in the back. This includes his boss and his boss’ boss as well. Hee-a has been struggling to keep her father’s company sailing after his sudden death while her brothers have already given in to Cho Tae-seub.

Still from Again My Life Episode 12
Still from Again My Life Episode 12

“Fighter Hee Woo returns in #AgainMyLifeEp12 and we’ll see him take on Dr. K again 🤗 But he’s moving too fast & there’s 2 things he doesn’t know which could affect his plan:(1) Dr. K is Han Ji Hyun’s brother (2) Cho Tae Seob knows Hee Woo is using him 😬 #LeeJoonGi #AgainMyLife”, a fan wrote a theory on Twitter.

A viewer complemented Hee-woo and Han-mi’s friendship and wrote, “Just how precious their friendship is. Hee woo is trying to down han mi’s father and she’s willing to help him. He is always there for her since their school times. Pinky promise thing is the cutest thing ever in friendship. #AgainMyLife #AgainMyLifeEp12”

Still from Again My Life Episode 12
Still from Again My Life Episode 12

“The way I love this bromance. He keep telling Hee Woo how much he loves him LMFAO! The faith Hee Woo in him though. Then can run an empire. #AgainMyLifeEp12 #AgainMyLife”, a user noticed Sang-man’s trust in Hee-woo.

Hee-a’s powerful personality impresses the viewers, “She’s so powerful. Queen! I can’t wait for her to bring Assembly Cho to his knees for killing her father & trying to take his business. With Hee Woo help she’s gonna reign Supreme. #AgainMyLifeEp12 #AgainMyLife”

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