Planning to Watch After Life Season 3? Here’s a Recap What Happened So Far

After Life Season 3 is something fans have been hoping for since the doorbell ring that ended the last season. The British black comedy-drama is the brainchild of acclaimed comedian Ricky Gervais- created, written, produced and directed by Gervais himself, who also stars as our protagonist Tony in this Netflix series. The first season of this emotionally reeling series premiered on 8 March 2019, followed by the second season in 2020. The upcoming season, which is right around the corner, is the final one and will mark the end of this remarkable drama.

Along with Ricky Gervais, the main cast includes Tom Basden, Tony Way, Diane Morgan, Mandeep Dhillon, Kerry Godliman, Ashley Jensen, Paul Kaye, Penelope Wilton, Joe Wilkinson, Roisin Conaty, David Bradley, Tim Plester, David Earl, Jo Hartley and Ethan Lawrence. The series is also the winner of the Best Comedy at the 2021 National Television Awards. However, before After Life Season 3 premieres, let us quickly jog our minds through the memory lane picking up only on the key details from the previous seasons that will determine our character’s fate in the upcoming finale.

After Life Recap: The Story of Tony Johnson

At the beginning of the first season, we come to know about the death of Tony’s wife, Lisa due to cancer. Following the next two seasons we only get to see her in video clips she has recorded for her husband prior to her death and flashbacks Tony has about their once-happy life. The death of Lisa has left Tony shattered and depressed. At the start of season one, he is overwhelmed with suicidal tendencies and does not hold himself accountable for his actions. In fact, he goes on to say that being rude and not caring is similar to having a superpower.

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What he doesn’t know is that over the very many days that he spent grieving Lisa’s absence and meeting people, both old and new in his life, he learns and understands the value of empathy and, that sheer feeling of lighting somebody up with niceness and value of life. During his journey in season one, it is his intern- Sandy, his brother-in-law, Matt, his father’s nurse- Emma and Anne, the widow he meets in the graveyard, who constantly push him towards the light when he desires to sleep into the darkness. His constant friend throughout is Lenny, who instead of being pushy like the other lets him go at his own pace, establishing a sense of balance in Tony’s growth.

By the end of the first season, we are emotional to see a Tony that has learned the value of relationships, the people around him and what life can become if you can just get out of your bed and lookup. In this process, Tony also grows a crush on his father’s nurse, Emma, who he asks out by the end of After Life Season 1.

In comparison to season one, After Life season 2 takes into account a more empathetic pallette. Season one was extremely dark and trigger and, at times, it felt like Tony would drain himself empty. In season two, things get a little better. Of course, Tony is still coming in terms with the new way he’s learned without disregarding his old dark humour, but for most of the season, we focus on how Tony deals with people around him going through a crisis, be it Matt’s rocky marriage or Sandy’s personal tragedy.

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Yet all progress that Tony makes comes breaking down when his father, who has spent most of After Life in a care home, passes away. Apparently, Tony handles this loss better, by being philosophical and calling it the “natural order of things”. But the audience who have seen him so closely for two seasons realizes how he has masked his grief. It is not until we see Tony clutching onto a couple of tablets and looking at Lisa’s video clips that we realize that the man is back to square one.

The ending scene of After Life Season 2 is what one calls an open ending. With Tony relying his life on the pills his doorbell rings and we see Emma at the gate. It is unsure if Emma is able to help him out of the situation or not and if the duo gets together. This is what brings After Life Season 3 into the scene where we are going to find out what happens to Tony next.

After Life Season 3: Watch the Trailer

After Life Season 3 premieres on Netflix on the 14th of January, 2022. You can watch all the previous episodes of the show, here.

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