Indie Filmmaker Aditya Kripalani Loves Making Films About “What Ifs”

Filmmaker Aditya Kripalani says that he loves making films that explore stories around people engaging with their and other genders.

“I normally like to make films about human beings engaging with their own and other genders, and about humans engaging with society. Also (I like making) films about ‘what ifs’,” he told IANS.

Kripalani is known for his indie film and Tikli And Laxmi Bomb, and his most recent film The Goddess And The Hero (Devi Aur Hero) was premiered at The Projector – Singapore. The filmmaker says that film festivals are a great way to understand how a film would be accepted globally.

“Films playing at festivals tell you how your idea and emotions are translating across borders to someone from a very different circumstance and background,” Aditya Kripalani says.

Aditya says that he wants to keep making films regularly.

“Future plans are to keep making one film a year as soon as I’m able to, with Covid around. I want to make films that in some way engage with society around us. A human being’s attempt at finding dignity and belonging in the world. Things we all deal with universally forever,” he says.

Meanwhile, Aditya Kripalani adds that he doesn’t want his career as a filmmaker to become a burden for him.

“I’m more aware of commercial viability now, but not too much. The other thing I hope to not have to do, is to lose my freedom of living life because I want to make movies. I don’t want filmmaking to ever become a chain. I still want to be able to pursue anything else I feel like along with having a career in film,” he says.

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