Romance, Horror, or Sci-Fi? Or is it Anime that you crave? Whatever be your poison, we have the perfect antidote! We at LeisureByte, offer reviews, news stories, and tons of pop culture references to answer some pressing questions and give birth to a few more!

Driven by a team of young and talented movie buffs who will stop at nothing to binge-watch a show just for you, we have the latest entertainment news and reviews from different corners of the world to appease that movie bug inside you. Made with lots of love and hard work in 2020, we, at LeisureByte, hope to reach the minds and hearts of our readers so that they keep coming back for more.

About Us


Archi Sengupta

Managing Editor

Horror movies and cats are her forever obsessions. Additionally, it is quite certain that she will be able to save you during a zombie apocalypse.

Rohit Pandit

HR & Business Development

A one-stop shop for crazy dumb business ideas. Aside from his crazy ideas. Rohit is a hotel management student who’s also a die-hard foodie and a Great chef, or so we’ve been told.

Pooja Darade

Sub Editor

She's often keeping an eye on what's going on and what's releasing in the cinematic world. She could be asleep and still talk to you about superheroes and movies. She enjoys memes and appreciates anyone who recommends new music. 

Varsha Rao

Section Editor - Lifestyle

Varsha is a chemical engineer. But that doesn’t stop her from Anime, K-Drama, and the piano. She’s all over social media - when she could be making potentially kick-ass drugs.

Tannavi Sharma

Social Media Manager

A huge ball of Sunshine, with poetic pain hidden beneath! Tannavi's life revolves around writing, dogs (most important!), and binge-watching anything with hyper enthusiasm about everything!

Pooja Sharma


Storytelling is her silver lining! Books and a piping hot cup of tea are a timeless combination. With her head in the clouds, she loves her space and has an excessive liking for skylines.

Manjima Das


Manjima is a passionate writer and a psychology undergrad. When not watching every piece of cinema she can lay her eyes on; you'll find her either aggressively designing graphics or cocooned in the blanket of literature.

Neha Bhondve


Neha is passionate about Korean Entertainment and is either watching cinema, practicing Korean or reading a book if not making new travel plans!

Rashmi Vats


A writer and researcher, she’s a space fanatic and loves science fiction. When she is not sleeping, her favourite past time is reading celebrity gossip on Reddit.

Ameen Fatima


Ameen is a post-grad in Film making and can spot a bad film at a glance. She loves slow-burning films that wrench your soul. She is full of contradictions, an introvert with a blunt personality. Always looking for new music recommendations.

Sagarika Choudhary


Sagarika is a software engineer by day and content finatic at night. There is no limit or type to the content she can consume- from Anime to K-drama, German shows to American Sitcom, she has watched it all! Will be your friend especially while watching horrors and thrillers!