A Suitable Boy Episode 3 Review: Things are Getting Real

A Suitable Boy is a drama mini-series directed by Mira Nair and starring Tabu, Ishaan Khatter, Tanya Maniktala, Rasika Dugal, and Ram Kapoor. The series is adapted from Vikram Seth’s 1300-page novel of the same name.

A Suitable Boy Episode 3 Review:

A Suitable Boy episode 3 has a lot going on. Tragedy strikes at a lot here, but there are moments of respite as well.

First off, Maan reaches the countryside with Rasheed. Once there, he learns of the hardships that the poor have to face at the hands of their bosses. He too faces many difficulties, and this opens his eyes even more. He, however, is still enamoured by Saeeda’s thoughts and longs for the day to meet her. While all this is going on, a fateful incident makes him a saviour of the people, which makes him an unlikely hero in the village.

Lata, on the other hand, has been spending a lot of time with Amit, the prolific and charismatic poet. She takes his advances well, and in the absence of her mother, enjoys going out with him. However, Rupa, who travels to Lucknow to find a match for her daughter, calls her to meet Haresh, she is smitten by him as well.

A Suitable Boy episode 3

Haresh’s character seems to be great, and I’m looking forward to how he actually turns out. In A Suitable Boy episode 3, he seems to be quite the headstrong and kind-hearted person. Although unhappy at first, Lata warms up to him. However, when a vile and disgusting truth comes forward, the mother-daughter duo goes back to Brahmpur, but not before Lata expresses happiness to get letters from Haresh.

There’s another interesting connection happening in this episode as well, and I’m hopeful it will play a role in later episodes. On the other hand, while out to meet a saint, Pran’s family get stuck in a stampede where tragedy invariably strikes. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, and I’m honestly waiting to see how it turns out.

A Suitable Boy episode 3 has a lot of great moments and points to talk about. First of all it showcases the class divide pretty well. The scenes in the countryside hold up the true picture of India not only to Maan, but to us as well. It’s heartbreaking to watch people toil for little to nothing, while the zamindars sit around and dictate orders.

A Suitable Boy episode 3

Rasheed’s character has also become quite close to my heart. There’s more to him than we were provided in the last episode, and I am hopeful we’ll see more of him in the future. Ranvir Shorey and Vijay Raaz’s characters are also introduced here, and it gives me hope that we’ll see Maan going down the same road as his father.

We also see another very prevalent, but often overlooked, incident that has the potential to destroy people’s lives. I won’t spoil it here, since it will take away from the episode. However, even though it is not a long scene, it speaks volumes. The next day, not only is Lata very disturbed, so are we. We also realise that it’s not a one-off incident, and someone else has also been through the same situation as Lata. It’s a disturbing and hard-hitting scene, and reminds us of the problems that are prevalent in the country even now.

In the sneak peek of the next episode, we see that Pran’s family is desperately looking for someone lost. And Maan stands up for what’s right, and finally meets his lady love. Haresh will also probably be an important character hereon.

Watch A Suitable Boy episode 3 here.

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