A Classic Horror Story Teaser Gave Us Goosebumps!

A Classic Horror Story teaser starts with…

A creepy house in the middle of nowhere, unsettlingly chilling music in the background and smoke (or mist) floating aimlessly – what could go wrong? Apparently, a lot.

As we go inside the house, a gloved person turns something on, plays the song on his cassette player and as the music distorts, we slowly zoom into a mounted reindeer’s face which is bathed in red light.

As the song comes to an end, a children’s music plays and the person, now seen with his face covered, drags someone inside and before long he’s under a device which a needle dangling too close his eye for comfort. It doesn’t take long for the assailant to turn a pully-like system and we hear squelching. No awards for guessing what just happened to our bound and gagged victim.

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That’s what A Classic Horror Story teaser is all about. Directed by Roberto De Feo and Paolo Strippoli and starring Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Francesco Russo, Peppino Mazzotta, Will Merrick and Yuliia Sobol, alongside others, this horror flick will hopefully bring something interesting to the table.

A Classic Horror Story is an Italian film, which Netflix describes as “cerebral and scary” and carries a maturity rating of 16+, so expect some violence as well as some gore. Well, the teaser promises that much. The film is slated to release on July 14.

A Classic Horror Story teaser comes with the description,

Music for children, an abandoned house, five strangers: it looks like the classic horror movie and instead…

That’s not cryptic at all.

Well, we’re excited about the trailer and eagerly waiting for the film as well! What did you think of the teaser? Are you as excited as us? Tell us in the comments below.

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