5 Ways to Make Broccoli Delicious

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Broccoli is one of the least appealing vegetables to eat, and it has got a terrible reputation amongst a large portion of people. This is because a lot of people associate healthy with bad taste. It is healthy but it certainly is absolutely delicious as well! The main reason for the alienation can be the fact that you don’t cook the broccoli properly or that when you first had broccoli, it was overcooked and mushy.

Broccoli can be a very vibrant and exciting vegetable if cooked well, but if overcooked, can become soft and can turn into an unappetising shade of brown. The green vegetable is extremely versatile and can serve as a side dish to virtually any meat but also serves as a great vegetarian main. Here are some cooking methods you can use to make interesting dishes with the green vegetable and change how most haters feel about it.

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Blanching is a great way to cook broccoli while preserving its texture and vibrant green colour. The process of blanching involves cooking the vegetable halfway in boiling water and then halting the process by putting it in an icy water bath. The vegetable only needs to stay in the boiling water for 30 seconds or so before being taken out. It’s the perfect way to cook broccoli while retaining its most redeeming qualities: crunch and colour. It can be used for salads, casseroles or even vegetable platters.

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Stir-fried broccoli is delicious and can work as a perfectly tasty side dish by itself but can also serve as an ingredient in a dish. Make sure that the broccoli is completely dry before starting. Stir-frying it in a sauce is the best way to do it as the vegetable soaks up the flavour and also stays crispy.

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You can also cook it in olive oil with pepper, salt and chilli flakes (optional) for approximately 5 minutes and get the perfect result. The stir-frying will make it crisp and also give it a distinct flavour. You can pair it perfectly with a good bowl of noodles or fried rice.


Steaming is another way you can cook Broccoli while keeping its striking colour. The difference between steaming and blanching is that you cook the broccoli all the way through. Another interesting fact is that since the vegetable never touches the water directly, it is able to retain its water-soluble vitamins. It fits very well as an ingredient in a pasta dish and rice bowls as well.


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Roasting broccoli in a high-temperature oven gives it a beautiful caramelized look and keeps it crisp. The most important thing is to cut them in even pieces to make sure they cook uniformly. It tastes delicious as a pizza topping, but you could also grate some parmesan over it before putting it in the oven and create a scrumptious snack. It can also be used in grain salads and tastes good when sprinkled with lemon juice or a tangy sauce.


Grilling broccoli takes the vegetable to a whole new level. You season the vegetable with salt and pepper before laying it out evenly across the grill. Cook it till you have a nice char on its edges to get the smoky flavour without burning it. It’s a good option on a day when you choose to do a barbeque.

Broccoli is a beautiful vegetable that is full of nutrients and antioxidants and at the same time, has great flavour. These are just some of the many methods that you can use to keep it interesting and make your meal both healthy and full of flavour.

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