5 Series Based on College Life You Should Immediately Watch Right Now!

Its been nearly 14 months since most of us have not been to our colleges. I am sure all of us had different dreams of spending time in college, but the pandemic had different plans for us. We now only have online classes, uncountable PPTs, Docs and online exams. Since passing out of Zoom university seems to be the only recourse at the moment, these 5 series based on college life listed below can help you remember the good old memories you spent in college before the pandemic.

College Romance (Season 1 & 2)

College Romance is a story of 3 friends Karan, Trippy and Naira, and as the name suggests, it about their college relationships but with humour and relatable content almost everywhere. Suppose you are missing your college class bunks, romantic flings or the friendships that you shared – this series is definitely for you. Also, if you are not impressed with the storyline, the character of Bagga will make you love it. It is one of the best series based on college life.

Season 1 is available on TVF Play App and Netflix, and Season 2 is available on Sony Liv.

Girls Hostel (Season 1 & 2)

Girls Hostel is also a series based on college life and show shows the lives, struggles, competition, and funny stories almost everyone has experienced in hostels. Its humorous way of narrating the struggles of hostel life will make you laugh every single time. You will love this series if you miss your hostel life and if you were a medical student who lived in a hostel. Also, Ahsaas Channa and Srishti Shrivastava are a delight to watch.

Girls Hostel Season 1 is available on the TVF Play app, and Netflix and Girls Hostel 2.0 is available on Sony Liv.

Operation MBBS (Season 1 & 2)

This series based on college life revolves around the lives of medical students. Unlike most college life inspired series, this series shows the education system of medical universities and gives us humour while showing the process of studying. It has given full justice to lives and the world inside a medical college and is worth watching. So if you are missing the fun times, pranks and your lives as a proper college student who got the opportunity of going to college unlike us, then this series is for you.

However, the second season of Operation MBBS shows many severe issues. It depicts the entire situation of the Covid-19 pandemic and the struggles of students who could go to their house because of the lockdown initially. Also, Ayush Mehra is a treat to watch for everyone, especially girls.

Operation MBBS Season 1 & 2 is available on Youtube.

Engineering Girls

Not many of our parents still believe that not just for sons, but engineering has also been made for their girls. Sadly, you can find many shows and series portraying boys’ lives in engineering colleges, but only one or two of them show girls’ lives too. This makes this series one of its kind. Engineering Girls is a series based on college life which mainly shows the lives of 3 girls, their struggles in getting acknowledged in college, struggling with engineering pressure, and taking part at college fests.

We all know the most fun part of the college is its fest which we are missing the most in these times, and let’s face it – virtual fests are nothing compared to the real deal. So watch this to remember your happy days in college. Also, Sejal Kumar and Barkha Singh have done pretty good jobs.

Engineering Girls is available on Youtube, TVF play app and Sony Liv.

Alma Matters

This series based on college life, a documentary, has perfectly given justice to the lives of IIT students. As this is a documentary, it is much more relatable to watch students narrating their lives on camera. The serene campus and the sad truths regarding IIT is an eye-opener for many. Also, a lot of myths related to IIT have been busted here. So, if you are an engineering student and did not have an opportunity to live a campus and hostel life, this series is for you. Also, if you have passed IIT and are missing your good old IIT life, do give this a watch. This will make you completely nostalgic.

Alma Matters is available on Netflix. Read the review here.

The best part of these series based on college Life mentioned above is that except for Alma Matters, all the series are free of cost, and you can watch without spending extra bucks.

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