5 Rowoon K-dramas to Make You Swoon!

Kim Seok-woo, also known by his stage name Rowoon, is one of the enigmatic members of the popular boyband SF9. Already a part of several music videos with the group, the singer is also a very known face in Korean dramas.

The South Korean singer, actor and model has starred in some very interesting shows that have made their way into our hearts and stayed there. His first role was in School 2017 where he played a very minor supporting role. However, his first major role was in 2019 Extraordinary You.

Rowoon K-dramas that we love

About Time / 멈추고 싶은 순간 : 어바웃 타임 (2018)

Rowoon played a supporting role in this Korean drama as well, however, this time around, his role gets more screen time for all the Rowoon lovers.

The story follows Michaela Choi and Lee Do-ha who complement each other’s times only too well. Interestingly, Michaela can see people’s life spans but when she’s with Do-ha, time stops for her. Of course, this gives rise to an interesting, heart-warming show that will definitely keep you hooked. Rowoon is Choi Wi-jin here, Michaela’s younger brother.

Episodes: 16

Watch the series on Netflix or Viki.

Extra-Ordinary You / 어쩌다 발견한 하루 (2019)

Another very interesting story to binge, Extra-Ordinary You shows us what happens when you realise all of a sudden that you are a character in a Korean webtoon. When she realises that, Eun Dan-oh, the supporting character in the webtoon, obviously, tries to go against the writer’s whims and pave her own path and find the love that she rightly deserves. Rowoon plays Ha-ru, a character in the background whose life changes when he comes in contact with Dan-oh.

Episodes: 32

Watch the series on Viki.

She Would Never Know / 선배 그 립스틱 바르지 마요 (2021)

Office romances are our favourite! Stuck in a small space with the chemistry sizzling between characters is something we love to witness – how relationships gradually change and develop so that characters eventually fall in love and live happily ever after. Yep, we’re here for all of that. This 2021 Korean drama is about just that – Yoon Song-ah is a headstrong employee with big dreams who is tasked to take a younger Chae Hyun-seung under her wing. Will the sizzling chemistry between them give birth to a sweet romance? We think so!

Episodes: 16

The King’s Affection / 연모 (2021)

Set in the Joseon Dynasty, this series was one of the most shocking watches last year because before you could get frustrated and leave the Korean drama mid-watch, the historical series takes a sharp 180 and takes such an interesting turn that you wouldn’t be able to stop watching it after that.

Following Park Eun-bin’s Lee Hwi who has to live the life of her twin brother to hide a terrible secret, the series is filled with the passions of a secret love story hidden away from the public’s eye as well as the interesting twists and turns Hwi’s own life takes as she tries not to end up murdered. This one will keep you reeling long after it’s over.

Episodes: 20

Watch the series on Netflix. Read our episode-wise reviews here.

Tomorrow / 내일 (2022)

Still ongoing, Tomorrow has an interesting storyline that will intrigue people who are tired of romantic comedies. Although the comedy angle is still there, the drama deals with extremely heavy themes that will keep you feeling conflicted.

The story follows Choi Jun-woong who ends up in Jumadeung after landing in a coma following an accident. There, he starts working with the Risk Management Team with two other Grim Reapers to stop suicide cases. The plot is extremely shocking but the individual stories and how they stitch the core characters and their lives together make it a very interesting watch.

Episodes: 16

Watch the series on Netflix. Read our episode-wise reviews here.

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