5 Feel Good Kdramas 2021 To Binge On New Years

It’s that time of the year when we really want to watch something feel-good and light. After a hectic and somewhat stressful year, pandemic and all, the year-end needs a breather and that’s where these feel good Kdramas come in. Filled with light-hearted moments and dreamy romance, it’s the stuff of dreams. We want a romantic relationship like these characters have and live in beachside quaint towns that will make us forget all of our worries. These 2021 Kdramas will give you exactly those feels and more!

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Talking about beachside quaint towns, Hometown Cha Cha Cha made me wish to leave my job and move to one. Of course, Hong Du-sik needs to be one of the residents, but that’s a discussion for another time. Featuring characters who are the sweetest out there and situations that might blow up when faced by the wrong people, this 2021 romantic Kdrama is everyone’s dream and should be on everyone’s watchlist.

Watch the series here, or read our episode-wise reviews here.

Love Alarm

With two seasons under its belt, the second season delivered something that we couldn’t have imagined. Not to give away spoilers, it’s all warm and fuzzy and the relationship between the leads and their relationship with their own selves is what makes this show oh-so bingeable. The depth of the relationships keeps it interesting and gives the audience butterflies in their stomachs.

Watch the series here.

The King’s Affection

The Rowoon and Park Eun-bin starrer series exceeded expectations and then some after the first few episodes. I’ll be honest, I thought this was going to be a dud. But after a while, the series turned into something that I had never thought was possible – romantic court drama. This feel good Kdrama has everything from breath-taking chase sequences and politics to a romance that gives butterflies.

Watch it here, or read our episode-wise reviews here.

She Would Never Know

Another Rowoon series, She Would Never Know features office romance that is all shades of lovely. It features playfulness and maturity all in the same package but takes a bit of a time to develop. Which is fine – love doesn’t just develop out of thin air, right? The longing and romance between the two characters, portrayed wonderfully by the actors, makes for a great viewing experience.

Royal Secret Agent

This is such a funny and romantic Kdrama. This fell good Kdrama has everything it takes to create a place in your heart. The friendship shared among the three protagonists and their characters individually create a show where every episode is quirky, fun and without one moment of boredom. The characters and their interactions are every bit funny and entertaining and will keep you entertained throughout.

Need More? Check out these shows as well: True Beauty, Lovestruck in the City, Please Don’t Date Him

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