5 Best Tips for Starting your Food Blog

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Food blogging has evolved over the years and has become a respected medium through which people can convey their thoughts on recipes, restaurants, and food as a culture. Many food bloggers are revered for their accurate descriptions and reviews of restaurants, cuisines, and specific dishes. Many people start food blogging as a hobby and many do it as a serious profession.

It may seem odd that food bloggers are popular even during the Covid-19 pandemic when so many people cannot go out but as I mentioned earlier, it also involves recipes and reviews of particular dishes as well. Hundreds of thousands of people are ordering food online or having it delivered to their houses. In order to capitalise on that market, many bloggers have started reviewing delivery services as well in order to make sure that their readers know which restaurants to order home delivery from.

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Food blogs have become extremely popular in recent years and there are millions of them sprawled across the internet. Here are a few simple steps that will help you start your food blog and make it successful.

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Find your Niche

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The most important part of starting a food blog is not finding your domain or deciding a name, rather, it is finding your specific food blog niche and targeting a specific audience with it. It could be a recipe blog with delicious home recipes or a blog that is based on a specific cuisine such as Chinese or Italian, or even a blog that focuses on trending food blogs such as vegan food blogs or gluten-free food blogs.

Zero in on what you are passionate about and focus on that, as writing a food blog takes a lot of passion and commitment. If you’re not passionate about your blog topic then it won’t be successful. As I mentioned earlier, finding your niche also allows you to build a consistent and loyal reader base.

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The Blog Name

Choosing the correct name for your blog is extremely important. In a lot of cases, it decides whether people read your blog or not. If the blog name is selected at random, then it may hurt your traffic, your ranking on search engines and could make people avoid your blog instead of wanting to read it. Make sure to pick a name that is short, unique and related to your niche.

The theme

Another really important aspect of your food blog is its theme. The theme should be both visually appealing and easy to navigate so that readers can easily explore your site. It is also really important to pick a theme that suits your niche. When you decide on a theme, make sure to properly review it by checking its ratings, checking out its features and using it to see how well it performs.

Be Consistent

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The one thing that readers appreciate the most is the consistency of the writer. It is no different when it comes to food blogs. The best way to ensure that you are posting regularly is by preparing a content calendar or schedule and working on your posts and content according to that. It will make your life simpler and will help you adhere to your deadlines. It also helps if you prepare your content in advance and have it ready.


Even if you execute all of the above mentioned points perfectly, it won’t help if you don’t promote your food blog properly. The best way to do so is via social media marketing. Start social media accounts for your blog and update them on a regular basis. Stay in touch with your readers through the comments section and through messages. The best social media platforms are the more visually-oriented ones such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

These were some of the tips that will help you on your journey to starting a food blog. It may be a fun hobby for you to engage in while under lockdown.

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