5 Best Thriller Movies to Watch Over the Weekend

Good thriller movies are difficult to find. They need to be fast-paced but slow enough for the audience to understand. The plot needs to be thick enough to inspire tension, but with just the right amount of humour to lighten the mood. The acting has to be crisp, the direction to the point and the editing should be the one to tie it all together. Thrillers are nothing but a game of knowing when to reveal what.

Here are some of the best thriller movies you should watch over the weekend, ranked:

5. The Usual Suspects: One of the Best 90s Thriller Movies

The Usual Suspects is the kind of thriller movie wherein the climax is everything. It is perhaps enjoyed much more during the second watch than when you first see it. A modestly-budgeted film, it doesn’t boast of flashy camera angles, complicated action sequences, or a star-studded cast. But what makes this movie special is a gritty script, the director’s eye for detail, and an unusual casting that just works together like a well-oiled machine.

A still from The Usual Suspects, one of the best thriller movies from the 90s

Five suspects are taken in for an alleged arms robbery and put in a holding cell together. However, none of them is guilty and the police’s suspicion boosts their motive to plan a revenge operation against the police. As the plan is set into motion, they are pushed deep into the depths of the underground crime world, not knowing where or with who it all links together. 

Stream it here on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Super Deluxe: Break the Barriers of Language

Calling Super Deluxe just another thriller movies doesn’t truly do justice to the movie as a whole, because it turns out to be so much more than that. It shows the absolute pinnacle of Tamil cinema. It is, all in all, best described as 4 different stories that are invariably tied to each other, for better or for worse. A young boy waiting for his father to come home, teenage boys trying to replace a broken TV, a freak accident involving a screwdriver, and a newlywed couple aren’t characters we usually see sharing a common screen. And yet the movie makes it work pretty well.

Super Deluxe boldly approaches topics Indian cinema tactfully likes to avoid. It gets a bit too heavy to take in at certain points. So much so that you have to pause, and let yourself process what you just witnessed before you can continue watching. The balance of what’s believable and what’s not is a challenge. The characters are so real, so brutal, and are, therefore, instinctively, so believable. They are the sole reason the movie can be considered ‘dark’. On the other hand, the story as a whole seems largely improbable. But that is the magic of cinema; honest characters in the most eccentric of situations, calls for a great piece of art.

Stream it here on Netflix.

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3. The Departed: Scorsese’s Thriller with a message

From the impeccable Martin Scorsese, this isn’t your typical mob-based movie. With so much hidden social commentary, you’re compelled to sit back and watch as the director makes an easy job of peeling this onion. The Departed is one of the best thriller movies, one that never gets old, no matter how many times you watch it.

Our main characters, Dicaprio and Damon, are both cops, but that is where the similarities end. While one is an undercover cop infiltrating a dangerous local mob, the other masquerades as a protector of law. With a relatively straightforward plotline, Scorsese instead chooses to place the pivot towards the very end. It leaves you in silence, while your mind tries to decode what you just saw. More than anything, this is one of those thrillers that are worth watching for the mere fact that it makes you think.

Stream one of the greatest thriller movies by Scorsese here on Amazon Prime Video.

2. The Tale: Disturbing and Real

Painfully honest and disturbingly real, The Tale is centred around a woman filming a documentary on childhood rape victims, who, in the process, begins to re-examine her first sexual relationship.

The Tale may just be Laura Dern’s best performance. It dives headfirst into the repression of childhood trauma and how it comes back to haunt you years later. One of the most breathtakingly painful aspects of the script is that it honours the messiness of real-life events, even if that means the film itself reflects as a mess along the way. Oftentimes, rape and sexual abuse aren’t portrayed for what they really are on the silver screen, with a cliched montage or two. But, The Tale is beautiful in its honesty, and we want more people to watch it. But we know for certain that we’ll never be able to watch it again.

This one is definitely a thriller movie that must be on your watchlist. Stream it here on Disney+ Hotstar.

1. The Devil All the Time: Holland’s Thriller that took everyone by surprise

The Devil All The Time is a gritty narration of the happenings in quaint towns in America set in the 50s and 60s. It’s a brave statement on faith, religion, violence, and the extent to which people go to prove their beliefs. There is a certain shock factor in a lot of scenes as the movie has its fair share of gruesome violence, but it never feels out of place or extra. It’s violent but it goes well with the overall theme and environment of this thriller movie.

Tom Holland nails the southern accent which isn’t child’s play and shatters his innocent image of Spider-Man in an instant. The entire ensemble – Pattinson, Skarsgard, and Keough is really impressive.

The Devil All The Time is a bold attempt at making one of the most perfect thriller movies and doesn’t disappoint you for even a second. Stream one of the best Neo-noir thriller movies on Netflix.

Tell us what you think about this list of thriller movies. Have we missed some out? Comment down below to tell us about your favorite thriller movies.

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