5 Best Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime That You Should Be on Your Watchlist

You will find some of the greatest Tamil movies on Amazon Prime. The online streaming channel is a haven for regional films especially Tamil cinema. From action to thriller and from romance to comedy, you can find all kinds of Tamil movies on Amazon Prime. These films are not only highly entertaining but also cinematically beautiful. 

As the Tamil movie industry has grown exponentially, Amazon Prime has made it possible for you to stream some of the best Kollywood movies just in case if you have missed them in the cinemas. Thus, here is a list of the seven best Tamil movies on Amazon Prime which should be added to your watchlist right now!

1. Karnan

Directed by Mari Selvaraj, Karnan is the second feature film of the director which is about the familiar tale between an oppressor and the oppressed. But it is the eye-to-details of Selvaraj that makes this Tamil movie on Amazon Prime one of the best in that language.

The story of Karnan revolves around oppressed communities living in two neighbouring villages and how they stand up against an unjust and corrupt system deep-rooted in their society. This Tamil movie on Amazon Prime stars Dhanush as the titular character who becomes the saviour of the voiceless and delivers a strong statement against oppression. 

Selvaraj has been able to prove his artistic ability to make movies that are absolute gems. You should definitely watch Karnan if you are looking for Tamil movies on Amazon Prime.

Karnan is streaming on Amazon Prime.

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2. Maara

If you are looking for a feel-good film, then watch Maara which a Tamil movie on Amazon Prime. Adapted from a Malayalam movie Charlie, Maara has created a benchmark for remakes in the regional film industry. 

Maara is about a young woman who sets out on a journey to find an artist behind the paintings of stories she heard as a child. Intrigued by the works on the walls, this woman tracks down the person who has touched the lives of many others like her. 

What is the best thing about this Tamil film is that even though it is a remake, it does not feel like one. The absolute genius behind this masterpiece is the debutant director Dhilip Kumar. From the rich colour palette to amazing picturization, Maara is a work of art and one of the best Tamil movies on Amazon Prime which should be added to the list right away.

Maara is streaming on Amazon Prime.

3. Soorarai Pottru

A man from a small village with big dreams might sound cliche but the way a director, the actors, and the rest of the crew puts efforts into this common tale is astonishing. 

Soorarai Pottru, based on the life of G.R. Gopinath, is a film about a man who dreams of launching his airline services. Belonging to a remote village, he has to face many obstacles and challenges before he can fulfill his dreams. It is an uplifting and inspiring story of how a common man has their wings of dreams clipped by those who sit on a threshold created out of oppression. 

Sudha Kongara Prasad, the director of the film, has done a commendable job by taking us on an emotional journey from starting of the film to the end. One of the best Tamil movies on Amazon Prime, Soorarai Pottru is a delightful must-watch.

Soorarai Pottru is streaming on Amazon Prime.

4. Master

Released just recently in the theatres, Master is a movie that you should not miss. Starring Thalapathy Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi, this Tamil film is a much-awaited film between the two actors.

The unique screenplay of this movie revolves around an alcoholic professor who starts to teach at a juvenile facility. Soon, he clashes with an ex-convict turned gangster. Master is thoroughly engaging with its cheer-worthy moments between the two Vijay’s. What makes this film more interesting is that it is not a usual cat and mouse chase between the protagonist and the antagonist. 

Lokesh Kanagaraj has done wonders with his directional prowess by making drifting away from the stereotypical action sequences and dialogues. Master is a brilliant action movie and contributes to a list of the best Tamil movies on Amazon Prime.

Master is streaming on Amazon Prime.

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5. Baaram

An excellent Tamil film, Baaram strips away from drama as much as possible and gives off documentary vibes. It speaks about common social issues which no one really talks about. 

Eldercare, healthcare, and compassion towards those who need it are a few of the many aspects of this film that makes it a masterpiece. The movie has received recognition from many film festivals across the country for its ability to make us rethink our stand on a topic that no one discusses: mercy killing. 

Directed by Priya Krishnaswamy, Baaram is a self-reflective film and should be added to your watchlist of Tamil movies on Amazon Prime.

Baaram is streaming on Amazon Prime.

These are just a few of the many other great Tamil movies on Amazon Prime which should be watched by everyone. Films like To Let, Peranbu, Thadam, and Viswasam are other Tamil movies on Amazon Prime that should be added to your watchlist. Let us know in the comments below about other Tamil movies on Amazon Prime that you loved!

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