5 Best Spanish Films to Watch on Netflix

Usually, people restrict themselves to watch cinema only in the languages they are fluent in. No one wants to bother with subtitles and local references they may not understand. Because of this language barrier, many would miss out on some of the best pieces of cinema ever made. Recently, even the Academy Awards have made an effort to recognize foreign language films, with Parasite by Bong Joon-ho and Roma (one of the best Spanish films) by Alfonso Cuarón making their names into history.

In the process of branching out my tastes in cinema, these are some of the best Spanish films that I discovered on Netflix:

The Best Spanish Films Streaming on Netflix Today:

1. Roma

Trailer for Roma

Roma is one of the best Spanish films I watched on Netflix. And why would it not be, coming straight from Alfonso Cuarón?

Roma follows Cleo, a domestic worker in 1970 Mexico City. Her employer runs away with his mistress quite suddenly, leaving behind his wife and four children. The family decides to take a much-needed vacation to the beach, and Cleo goes along. The story follows as she bonds with the family, especially the children, and learns a life lesson or two along the way.

The film is subtle in its approach. It keeps the plot simple, the cinematography mesmerizing and the message strong. An absolute must-watch on all levels.

Stream Roma here.

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2. The Platform

Trailer for The Platform

Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, The Platform is a Sci-Fi Dystopian film set in the future. It features a vertical jail system, with two inmates on every floor, with a large cavity in the middle. Every meal time, a slab ladden with the richest food in the world descends. Naturally, the inmates on the top floors gorge to their heart’s delight, while the ones on lower levels starve to death.

The Platform 389557689 large
A still from The Platform, one of the best Spanish films on Netflix.

This one is definitely one of the most intiguing and the best Spainsh film plots that I have ever come accros. With the concept itself being so interesting, the film was bound to be amazing. However, do keep in mind that this one is extremely graphic, gory and violent. All in all, a great watch. Don’t miss this one!

Stream The Platform here.

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3. The Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo

Trailer for The Three Deaths Of Marisela Escobedo

This one is slightly different than the others on this list. This spanish film is actually a true crime documentary, although after watching it, you’d rather believe it was fiction rather than fact. The true crime documentary follows Marisela Escobedo, the mother of a 16 year old daughter who was murdered by her boyfriend. She struggles to get justice for her daughter, taking on corrupt officials, and high level crime institutions all by herself. The result is a chilling portrayal of the Mexican Judiciary, and just how far a mother would go to avenge her child. Definitely one of the best Spanish film on Netflix.

Stream The Three Deaths Of Marisela Escobedo here.

4. Elisa and Marcela

Trailer for Elisa and Marcela

Set in 1901, this Spanish film follows Elisa and Marcela, a same-sex couple in Galicia, Spain. Their union was obviously forbidden, given the time period it is set in. So, Elisa adopts a male identity just so she could marry Marcela. This made their marriage the first same-sex marriage in all of Spain. Surprisingly enough, this film is actually largely based on true events.

Other than that, this is one of the best Spanish Films on Netflix with LQBTQIA+ representation. They keep true to the rustic emotions and make the film as historically accurate as possible. Definietly one of the best period films as well. IF you loved Portrait of A Lady on Fire, this one should be right up your alley.

Stream Elisa and Marcela here.

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5. Coven of Sisters

Trailer for Coven of Sisters

Ever seen a horror movie that is also feminist? And no, Stree doesn’t count. Coven of Sisters is a wild concept that takes flight becuase of how well it is executed. Set in the 1600s, when the witch hunt and burning innocent women at the stake was rampant, 5 girls are captured and charged with practising witch craft. They are given a “trial” where they must either confess or be burnt. Spoiler Alert: they would be burnt either way, so no biggie.

A sill from Coven of Sisters, one of the best Spanish films on Netflix
A still from Coven of Sisters, one of the best Spanish films on Netflix

The girls try and spin wild tales about the Sabbath and how to summon the Devil, in order to prolong their trial, so their fathers would come home after fishing season. The film is entirely in Spanish, and has you glued to the screen constantly. I have no idea why it diidn’t recieve the media attention it deserved, but this one is definietly a must-watch if you are a fan of horror films.

Stream coven of Sisters here.

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What are some other Spanish films on Netflix that we must watch or have missed out on? Comment down below to let us know!

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