5 Best Indian Cricket Movies: Bidding Farewell to MS Dhoni and S. Raina

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On 15 August, former Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni bid adieu to international cricket through an Instagram video. On the same day, his CSK and former India teammate Suresh Raina, too, announced his retirement from international cricket. Here we bring you the 5 best Indian cricket movies that you can watch while bidding farewell to MS Dhoni and S. Raina. 

Cricket is one of the most popular sports that is televised. The sport, thus, also has a massive impact on films in general, and Bollywood in particular. Since the announcement, cricket fans all over the world got teary-eyed and thanked them for their everlasting contribution to the Indian cricket team. With that in mind, watch these Indian cricket movies and relive the epitome of Indian cricket’s everlasting hallmark.

1. M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

Indian cricekt movies; M.S. Dhoni
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M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story has to be on the top of the list of Indian cricket movies. Based on the real-life story of M.S. Dhoni, this biopic chronicles his life from a young age. The film stars Sushant Singh Rajput as Dhoni, along with Disha Patani, Kiara Advani, and Anupam Kher. It depicts all the hard work and determination he put into his work to achieve love and appreciation from his fans. If you are a die hard fan of Dhoni, then this film has to be on your watch list.

Watch M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story here.

2. Laagan: Once Upon a Time in India 

indian cricket movies: Laagan
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Laagan tells the story of the people of a small village in Victorian India who face off against their colonial rulers in order escape the injustices inflicted on them. Laagan, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, is a shining example when it comes to Indian cricket movies. Additionally, it goes beyond the scope of entertainment and teaches us teamwork and to stand against what is unjust.

Laagan secured an Oscar entry in 2002 in the Best Foreign Language Film category, and was included by Time magazine in their list of All-TIME 25 Best Sports Movies.

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Watch Laagan here.

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3. Kai Po Che!

Indian cricket movies: Kai Po Che

An adaption of Chetan Bhagat’s The Three Mistakes Of My Life, Kai Po Che! is one of those Indian cricket movies which is a wonderful amalgamation of passion, friendship, and forgiveness. Three friends start an academy to train budding cricketers. But to realize their goals in a turbulent city, they must face earthquakes, religious disparities, politics, and riots.

Watch Kai Po Che! here.

4. Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Indian cricket movies: ferrari ki sawari

Kayo dreams of nothing but cricket and, thus, wants to attend a cricket camp in Lord’s Cricket Ground, London. His doting dad, Rusy, is ready to go to any extent to make his son’s seemingly impossible dream come true. He thus steals Sachin Tendulkar’s red-hot Ferrari for one day. A bumpy ride thus ensues which is riddled with mass weddings, thugs, a politician, and an epic rivalry that goes back thirty-eight years.

Watch Ferrari Ki Saawari here.

5. Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii

Indian crickett movies: Chai Kulli Ki Main Kulli

A thirteen-year-old boy, Karan, lives in a dilapidated orphanage owned by an uncouth warden. Karan has only two dreams – to have parents and to become a successful cricketer. One day, by a stroke of luck, the coach of the Indian cricket team spots him playing cricket and is highly impressed by his batting skill.

Karan’s destiny changes forever and soon he becomes the nation’s heartthrob, until one day when he questions his magic and skills. The film is based on the Hollywood movie Like Mike. Additionally, cricketer Kapil Dev also makes a cameo appearance in the film.

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