Loved Kim Tae-ri in Twenty Five Twenty One? Here Are 4 Kim Tae-ri Movies You Must Watch

Kim Tae-ri gave us a hopeful and inspiring character like Na Hee-do in Twenty Five Twenty One. Her acting as a teenager fighting for her dreams and a lover who always uplifted her boyfriend, made us fall in love with her bubbly personality. The actress has worked in another Kdrama called Mr. Sunshine but she has acted in some outstanding films in her career. If you want to see more of her works, here’s the list of 4 Kim Tae-ri movies you must watch.

The Handmaiden

Kim Tae-ri

The Handmaiden is a 2016 Psychological thriller erotica featuring Kim Tae-ri, Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo and Cho Jin-woong. In this movie with confusing plots, from three different plans to deceive three different people, only one becomes successful. A Korean conman, Count Fujiwara tries to deceive a Japanese heiress, Izumi Hideko into marriage for her money but in the end, she ends up deceiving him. Hideko falls in love and runs away with Sook-hee, the common denominator in all three plans.

Watch the trailer here.

The movie is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.

Space Sweepers

Loved Kim Tae-ri in Twenty Five Twenty One? Here Are 4 Kim Tae-ri Movies You Must Watch

Starring Song Joong-ki, Kim Tae-ri, Jin Seon-kyu, Anupam Tripathi and Yoo Hae-jin, Space Sweepers is a 2021 Space movie that became Korea’s first superhit in the Space genre. The movie is set in the year 2092 where the space is filled with the debris of abandoned satellites and spaceships. Collecting and reselling the reusable debris is the new business on the 2092 earth. A team of space junk collectors find a destructive humanoid named Dorothy which involves them in a risky adventure.

Watch the trailer here.

The movie is available to watch on Netflix.

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1987: When the Day Comes

Loved Kim Tae-ri in Twenty Five Twenty One? Here Are 4 Kim Tae-ri Movies You Must Watch

1987: When the Day Comes is a political thriller based on true events of the Democratic uprising in South Korea in 1987. During the political protest, a student dies in the Police interrogation and the higher authorities try to cover it up. When their conspiracy is exposed to the public, it causes distress and people come out on the street to protest against the communist rule. Several people get involved in the murdered student’s case to expose and destroy the government. The movie showcases an important event in South Korea’s history that led to the democratization of the country.

Watch the trailer here.

Little Forest

Loved Kim Tae-ri in Twenty Five Twenty One? Here Are 4 Kim Tae-ri Movies You Must Watch

Based on the Manga series of the same name by Daisuke Igarashi, Little Forest is a tale of food, friendship and healing. After failing to have her desired career of being a teacher, Song Hye-won quits her part-time job in Seoul and returns to her small hometown. She reunites with her friends, one of whom has come back from Seoul after failing to achieve their dream as well and the other is still trying to achieve it, but in their small town. Together, they come to accept the life they are living and realize that they can still be happy in their hometown and do not need to go to the big city of Seoul.

Watch the trailer here.

The Handmaiden was critically acclaimed worldwide and was selected for Palme d’Or and Cannes Film Festival in 2016. Space Sweepers also went on to become a blockbuster on Netflix as it entered the Top 10 in 2021. The stories of all the movies are compelling and they are evident in how Kim Tae-ri chooses her script carefully and delivers her best performance for it. Which of these movies are you excited to watch the most?

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