365 Days This Day Review: Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka Movie Loses Steam

365 Days This Day is the sequel to the 2020 Netflix blockbuster film, 365 Days. Directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomascz Mandes, this Polish and Italian language film is 1 hour and 51 minutes long. The lead actors from its first film, Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka, have reprised their roles as Don Massimo Torricelli and Laura Biel, respectively. 365 Days: This Day is based on the second novel in the trilogy written by Blanka Lipinska called This Day. After the unpredictable success of the first film, the shooting was supposed to begin in 2020 itself, but due to the pandemic it got delayed.

– 365 Days This Day review does not contain spoilers –

365 Days This Day plot:

The story in 365 Days 2 picks up from where 365 Days left, Laura and Massimo get married but Laura is not happy living a restricted life due to the threat that the rival mafia gang had put on her in the previous film. Living a protected life is not for Laura, so she and Massimo begin having marital issues as soon as they get married, leading to a bit of a tiff between them. In between this (and lots of awkward sex scenes), there is another secret that Massimo is hiding from Laura, a secret that really aggravates her.

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With this premise, 365 Days This Day starts with some promise of a plot that does not only consists of model-like shots of the main characters and forced erotica. But as soon as the plot unfolds we discover that it’s as predictable as the periodic table. So, the rivalry between the two mafia bosses continues in 365 Days: This Day, the result of which something traumatic happens that no one really knows about.

Thrown into the mix is a new “gardener” called Nacho (Simone Susinna) that is hired by Massimo, who looks like a supermodel/WWE fighter, with whom Laura has the most meaningless conversation. He introduces himself as the new gardener, after which Laura stares at him as if flirting but it’s just awkward silence, and asks him, “How long have you been working for my husband?” Now here, I can forgive her, since while he was talking, she might be busy staring at his hot and tattooed body, so she could not pay attention to his words. But she continues this ignorance throughout, to the point it becomes clear it’s just bad writing and ignorant editing.

365 Days This Day

365 Days This Day could also work as a live portfolio for the lead actors, since most of the time they are on screen, especially Laura, Massimo and Nacho the gardener, they look like they are posing. Especially Laura, even while sleeping, she seems like she is posing for a lingerie shoot. The male actors were probably told to act as macho and man-like as they can. Whenever either Massimo or Nacho get angry they begin flexing their muscles, grinding their teeth or brandishing their knuckles. It’s so comical, reminds me of Spike, the dog in Tom and Jerry; the similarities are uncanny, see for yourself!

So, the supermodel gardener Nacho helps Laura when she wants to disconnect herself from Massimo due to something she saw. She is presented as distraught and angry with Massimo, but the next second we are on a beach and she is playing with Nacho and they are exchanging flirty looks. After everything Laura has been through, she could work with sadness for a bit, but in the 365 Days cinematic universe, you don’t feel sad for more than 5 seconds, like a photoshoot.

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At this point, the writers of 365 Days This Day have embraced the idea this film franchise presents: hot people trying to act in photogenic ways with a background of loud and annoying continuous songs. And it’s not like the music choice is good so that you could forget about the actors “acting” in the foreground and just enjoy the scenery and the songs. It’s just one average beach party song after another strung together without any relation to the scenes.

365 Days This Day

365 Days This Day is your next guilty- pleasure

Even though you will have already guessed the whole plot by, like the interval, I will not talk about who Nacho, the hot gardener really is, or why Laura gets so pissed with Massimo to leave him for good and all of that. But we are not watching 365 Days This Day for its plot, are we? Well, prepare to be mildly disappointed, as it is what they are: mild.

For a film franchise that sells itself on its erotica, there isn’t much intimacy between the actors, the sex scenes blatantly look like performances in front of a camera. Also, these people have a tendency of walking in on people having sex, it has been used as a comic scene, but it’s just uncomfortable and forced.

365 Days This Day is as good as the first film, which is not saying much in its favour. But we all know, we do like to watch some guilty pleasure films every once in a while, and 365 Days: This Day easily tops that list. Especially for those who have already watched 365 Days, this film will provide good entertainment. For those who haven’t watched the first one, where have you been?

You can watch 365 Days: This Day on Netflix.

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In 365 Days This Day, Laura and Massimo take their relationship up a notch, but are hindered by Massimo's family and a new man in Laura's life.

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In 365 Days This Day, Laura and Massimo take their relationship up a notch, but are hindered by Massimo's family and a new man in Laura's life.365 Days This Day Review: Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka Movie Loses Steam