30 Album Review: Adele Breaks Your Heart in All the Right Ways

Adele’s fourth Studio Album ’30’ was released on 19th November 2021 by Melted Stone and Columbia Records and touched everyone with an unidentifiable sadness that is relatable. This record is the first album the English singer-songwriter has released since the collapse of her marriage with ex-husband Simon Konecki and, clearly depicts the conflicts and storms that loom in her heart following the breakup. The album consists of 12 tracks, including the lead single ‘Easy on Me’ which the singer had released around October 15, 2021, and garnered international fame.

The inspiration behind ’30’ is reflected in almost every track where the singer tries to find meaning in the ocean of the broken pieces of her heart. The singer also reflects on Motherhood with tracks like ‘My Little Love’ having voiceovers which are actually conversations the singer recorded with her 9-year-old son, Angelo while discussing her divorce with Angelo’s father. The certain amount of scrutiny the singer faced due to her fame is also encapsulated in the tracks giving us an overall feeling of isolation and falling apart.

30 Album Review: What Are the Tracks Trying to Say?

Adele’s soulful, confessional pop touch breaks our hearts in all the right ways. The music almost feels like an ode Jonathan and Mira from ‘Scenes from a Marriage’ would write to one another giving us an insight into a marriage that was not troubled by infidelities or trust issues but simple lies on the cornerstone of happiness that remains unfulfilled.

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Adele opens her album with the song “Strangers by Nature” telling us the entire theme and intent of the album followed by the released the earlier lead single “Easy on Me” which we all know talks about her realization of the dead marriage. ‘My Little Love’ is the third track of the album that is surely a teary-eyed lyrical take with voice memos between the mother and her child about the marriage that’s ending. By the fourth track, Adele promises to make you “Cry Your Heart Out” as she motivates her listeners to “go at your own pace” following difficult times.

“Oh My God” screams out the message to be sex-positive as the singer doubles back to her single life and exploration after her divorce which is followed by “Can I Get It” where the singer actually contemplates how she wants more than casual sex, maybe a shoulder to lean on. “I Drink Wine” could be the female Hozier track we have been waiting for as Adele goes through the phase of self-acceptance and love which has resonated so hard with the audience that it is currently the most viral song in the lot.

“All Night Parking” ft., Erroll Garner is the interlude to the album talks about the sudden wave that hit her about falling for someone so soon after her marriage. For the track “Woman Like Me”, Adele regains her stance as the lioness in the house where she empowers herself and all the women listening. The next two tracks in the list “Hold On” and “Too Be Loved” portrays the singer’s frustration and cut deeper into her life and the decisions she’s made.

The ‘Hello’ singer ends her album with a Taylor Swift nod “Love Is A Game”, as she gets confessional about her healing and returning back to herself with love.

Adele’s 30 beautifully gives you an experience you did not think you needed until you listen to her. It is truly her best album to date and has the chance to break so many records. You can stream Adele’s 30 now on Spotify.

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