The Girl from Plainville: 3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Hulu’s Latest Miniseries

The Girl from Plainville is created by Liz Hannah & Patrick Macmanus and, inspired by Jesse Barron’s write-up of the same name. It is produced by UCP, Echo Lake Entertainment and Littleton Road Productions and, distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution (internationally) and Hulu (United States). Elle Fanning headlines the series as Michelle Carter with other cast members such as Colton Ryan as Conrad “Coco” Roy III, Chloë Sevigny as Lynn Roy, Norbert Leo Butz as Conrad “Co” Roy II, Cara Buono as Gail Carter and Kai Lennox as David Carter, with Peter Gerety as Conrad Roy, Sr., Michael Mosley as Joseph Cataldo, Aya Cash as Katie Rayburn, Ella Kennedy Davis as Sydney Roy, Pearl Amanda Dickson as Susie Pierce and more.

Hulu’s latest miniseries seems to have it all, from drama to romance to crime and more. The show has gained all sorts of reviews ranging from positive to mixed ones. Yet there is something about the show that you cannot quite afford to miss be it the fact that it is actually based on a real-life story or that Elle Fanning, who stars in the titular is absolutely terrifying, in all good ways. Well, we are here to help you figure out why this series is something that will make up for a perfect binge-worthy companion over a long weekend.

3 Reasons to Watch The Girl from Plainville

Elle Fanning is a Dangerous Delight

Elle Fanning might have been working in the industry for a while now and, has done projects which we have all loved and hated, but it wasn’t until her award-winning role in Hulu’s The Great that the star faced some critical acclaim. Adding to the brilliance and variety, Fanning as Michelle Carter is the first and foremost thing that will hold you and interest you as you go from one episode to the other. From being a girl-next-door to an attention-seeking maniac, Elle Fanning has nailed all the shades of her character to perfection and, it is delightful to see her on the screen.

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A Puzzling Crime that is Real

When series or films are based on true stories, it is only natural that they have the ability to capture you more and, make you think. The case of Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter, also known as the texting suicide case, is one unique case of manslaughter that might not just be everyone’s cup of tea. The real case in itself is so fascinating and intense, that the series becomes more real as we progress from one episode to the other. Can text messages, emails, and phone calls cause a person’s death? Well, The Girl from Plainville answers just that!

Raising Awareness about the Digital World

Believe us or not, the internet is a scary place to be and, irrespective of everything, we still choose to take the risk every day. The Girl from Plainville tries to educate the young and old about the perils of digitalization and, how social media and the internet can become a force that might just pull you down in life. It threads slowly on how one text/call can become either a complicit or an instrument in a crime, that one might not even be aware of in the first place. Topped with people’s changing emotions and intentions, well, it only makes things all the more difficult in the digital space.

The Girl from Plainville Trailer:

The Girl from Plainville released its first episode on March 29, 2022, and, has a total of six episodes come out with a runtime of 40-50 minutes. There are still two episodes left that will bring this series to an end, so there is no better time than now to start watching the series now on Hulu.

Meanwhile, you can read our recaps on The Girl from Plainville, here.

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