3 Korean Thriller Movies With Enough and Chills to Make Your Weekend Better

Korean dramas have taken over our entertainment and we are definitely not complaining about it. But, have you ever indulged yourself in the world of Korean movies? South Korean entertainment is setting the bars high for all others with its creative plot, wonderful acting, and the computer graphics that wow us over and over again. And when it comes to thrillers, well they just go ahead and create legendary works and win the Oscars!

Korean thriller movies are like hidden gold that the world is rediscovering today. Ranging from simple themes like poverty to the frightening zombie attacks, these movies just cannot be missed. So, if you’re a fan of thriller movies then we’ve got just the list for you! And if you are not? Well, then these movies are some that will make you fall in love with this genre.

With that said, here’s a list of Korean movies that are here to take you on a ride that will make you feel the chills while you ask for more!

3 Korean Thriller Movies for Your Weekend

Train To Busan

If we’re listing down thriller Korean movies then it’s incomplete without Train To Busan. This has become a classic and almost every fan of thrillers knows about this movie even if they don’t know much about other Korean movies. Starring Gong Yoo, this movie is about passengers travelling in a high-speed train from Seoul to Busan during a virus outbreak that is causing a disaster across the country. What is the disaster? Zombies!

This marvellous work of art with zombies chasing the protagonists is a must-watch and it doesn’t matter if you’re a thriller fan or not. This movie has got everything from plot, and cast, to cinematography. So check it out this weekend and feel the thrill.

Watch it here.

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Memoir of a Murderer

It takes a serial killer to recognize another serial killer, and if you want to know how then Memoir of a Murderer should be your weekend watch. This 2017 film will take you on a journey with a former serial murderer Byung Soo who deals with Alzheimer’s and murders happening in his neighbourhood. At first, he thinks it’s his doings, but upon finding the real culprit he now has to save himself and his daughter while his memories slip away.

The plot is a masterpiece and is definitely worth the watch. I bet this little summary of the plot already caught your attention so don’t wait any longer and begin your weekend with this work of art.

Watch it here.


We know you were waiting for this Oscar-winning movie because it deserves its spot on every thriller movie list. So here we have it, the 2019 movie Parasite. This is a work that cannot be neglected and was so deep that many were left trying to decipher the ending. This movie gave rise to a whole new wave of fans who are now dedicated to Korean movies. And all this with a simple theme of poverty, and how it can take over the minds of ordinary people to change their lives without thinking about the consequences.

This movie is hidden with numerous subjects and has a wonderful dark comedy that captures your attention right from the beginning. There are chances that you may have already seen it due to the reviews during the time of its release, but this doesn’t mean you cannot rewatch it. In addition, the movie is so deep that you will only discover more during your rewatching session of the Parasite.

Watch it here.

Did we miss your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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