3 Heartbreaking Moments From Our Blues Episode 8: Friendship, Parents and Love

Our Blues has been receiving love from the fans. This series tells us stories about people from Jeju island. So far, we have seen stories of Han-su, Eun-hui, Jeong-jun, Yeong-ok, Hyun, Yeong-ju, In-gwon, Ho-sik, Dong-seok and Seon-a. Han-su and Eun-hui’s is story is already over but others are just getting started.

In the recent episodes, we saw the rapidly moving lives of Yeong-ju and Hyun as Yeong-ju gets pregnant. Their fathers are against them keeping the baby but Hyun and Yeong-ju have already made their choice. In Our Blues Episode 8, the fathers of the kids suffer as their kids leave home. In this melodramatic episode, there were moments that broke our hearts and also made us introspect. Here are the best moments from Our Blues Episode 8.

3 Heartbreaking Moments From Our Blues Episode 8

In-gwon Cries for the First Time in Front of His Son

Our Blues Episode 8
Still from Our Blues Episode 8

In-gwon used to be a gangster and hence he is tough, both mentally and physically. He left his gang due to a tragic incident that made him reconsider his life decisions. In-gwon’s mother always told him to stop being a thug and live a decent life but he was young and fierce and didn’t listen to anyone. One day, when In-gwon was running away from a gangster, he stumbled into his mother. While she tried to stop him, she got hit by a car and died. His wife also left him after that incident when Hyun was too young to understand anything.

After losing two from his close family, In-gwon couldn’t afford to lose Hyun too. He was an embarrassment to his mother and wife but he didn’t want to be the same for his son. He became a Sundae seller and raised Hyun in a decent environment. However, while fighting, Hyun said that his father is an embarrassment to him and it broke In-gwon. He collapsed from the stairs and refused to take treatment for diabetes. His efforts to live a decent life, all seemed to go in vain.

Hyun was angry at his father but now regrets speaking harshly to him. He waits for his dad at his shop in the rain. His father isn’t ready to talk to him but Hyun hugs him from behind and starts crying. He apologizes to him for saying such painful words to him. In-gwon, the rowdy man, also breaks down in tears. Both of them cry their hearts out as rain shuns the sound of their loud cries. Hyun sees his father cry for the first time which makes him cry even more. This scene is the most heartbreaking scene of the drama so far.

In-gwon and Ho-sik’s Conversation in the Jail

Our Blues Episode 8
Still from Our Blues Episode 8

Ho-sik and In-gwon were best friends during Middle School and High School. Ho-sik would always get bullied In-gwon was strong back then as well. He saved Ho-sik from bullies every time. After growing up, they both got married to their spouses and had a kid but they didn’t live a decent life. In-gwon made a lot of money by thugging people and Ho-sik lost all of his money in gambling.

While they both sat in the jail, In-gwon asked Ho-sik why is it that he hates him so much when he never wronged him and always helped him. Ho-sik tells him that it was because he called him Dirt-poor. In-gwon said that they were friends and called each other worse names than this. However, Ho-sik tells him that he was actually dirt-poor at that time and could only rely on In-gwon. His wife had left him and his daughter was starving. Ho-sik was hurt and he had to keep his pride aside to ask for money from his ex-girlfriend Eun-hui because he had just lost his reliable friend.

In-gwon didn’t know about it for all these years and his face falls after listening to Ho-sik. He lost his best friend because of his inconsiderate behaviour and reckless words.

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Yeong-ju Apologizes to Her Father

Our Blues Episode 8
Still from Our Blues Episode 8

Yeong-ju knows how much her father loves her and what she means to him. He was heartbroken but still thought the best of her daughter. He wants his daughter to go to Seoul and live a successful life and he takes a tough stand for the first time in his life. He has given his daughter everything she ever wanted but not this time. He lets her leave the house and doesn’t ask her to come back. He wants her to learn that not everything in life will happen as she wants.

Yeong-ju waited for her father every day but he didn’t visit her. Even when he came to her school, he was leaving without meeting Yeong-ju but she stopped him. Yeong-ju was acting all tough and mature but she breaks down after seeing her dad after many days. She finally opens up to her father and apologizes to him for disappointing him and leaving him.

She says that she is sorry for making him lonely and adds that she is also lonely without him. She has Hyun and her baby but she still feels lonely and needs her father. Ho-sik was miserable after Yeong-ju left and though he is acting tough, he still cares about his little girl. He doesn’t forgive Yeong-ju but allows her to have the baby.

Our Blues (우리들의 블루스) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Kyu-tae and features Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Lee Jung-eun, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin, and Uhm Jung-hwa, alongside other cast members. The series has 20 episodes and Netflix describes the series as ROMANCE IS SWEET AND BITTER — AND LIFE RIDDLED WITH UPS AND DOWNS — IN MULTIPLE STORIES ABOUT PEOPLE WHO LIVE AND WORK ON BUSTLING JEJU ISLAND.

Our Blues Episode 8 is available to watch on Netflix.

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